Friday, August 20, 2010

They grow up so fast don't they?

Ryan has gorgeous hair, its thick and straight (thanks to mummy's genes). I guess all the heartburn during pregnancy really paid off (Old wives tale 101: The more and severe heartburn you get the thicker your baby's hair will be) The best (worst) part is his hair cepat panjang. After a while you'll see him scratching his head especially on hot days sebab gatal.

My parents wanted to botak-kan his head for the third time in 7 months. Me loving his boyband rambut tegak2 look put my foot down. Hubby being the nerd that he is (haha sorry love you are) went to Ryan's Atuk Malek behind my back and ask him to cut my baby boy's hair. Went I found out it was too late as my father in law was already cleaning the machine, so I had agree, on the condition that they don't shave ALL his hair off :( (Marriage Tips 69: thou shall not throw tantrums in front of your parents in law;p)

Before Pics: Chumelness :)

Hmmmm : I think Ryan knew something was happening because he was super pissed off when his Cik Shida tried to take off hic clothes (edited pic coz daddy sexy haha)

If you zoom in the picture you can actually see a tear rolling down his left cheeks :p

Atuk @ work :p
My son screaming in anger. Serious kuat sampai jiran2 keluar rumah tengok what is causing the havoc.
Almost done :p by this time nenek dah menjerit2 suruh stop kesian kan the cucu but can't let him walk around with uneven hair kan??
Ryan "bad enough they cut of my locks, they also made me wear this ugly girlie dress belonging to Mak Sue" *warrgghhhh*
Hehehe lepas mengamuk. Merajuk with atuk, daddy and mummy
Final Product.....


Bald, curly, straight, Afro etc who cares darling?? I will love you no matter what :p
May Allah bless you always and be a good and soleh son ok :)



Anonymous said...

cute nye baby ni

Ms.WifeY said...

sumpah ryan comel gile! especially with his long hair, mcm org besar!

mesti kau geram dia kena botakkan kan?hehe kalau aku, for sure dh broke num.69 marriage rule tu :p

~f@R~ said...

Hahah konon isteri mithali... balik rumah kismis kena pukul :p