Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When things go bad.....

Just be thankful that it is not worst...

For the past 2 months, I haven't been too lucky. I lost a very precious present, Ryan and I been sick on and off and some other happenings I rather not mention. When I thought that things couldn't be worst, Ryan was admitted to the hospital for infection and high fever. Doctor mentioned that he could be admitted from 3 to 5 days.

I admit I panicked for a bit thinking of class (I already missed Friday and Saturday class), I only have a limited number of leave left and I need to save some for final exams, I have a 20 page assignment to submit this Friday, meetings and god knows what... I force myself to calm down instantly.

Now that I thought about it, we're actually very lucky. We spotted Ryan's problem on time, he was admitted during the weekend so we managed to save 2 days of leave, my parents is around to help, all hospitalization expenses borne by my company, Ryan received the best treatment from the nurses and being in the single room both Lan and I managed to keep him company all day/night. All in all no reason to sulk.

Well I still have to finish my assignment and I need to submit a report to my boss but I'll find my way around it somehow... seriously if you think juggling between your work life and personal life is hard. Try being a working mother in her final semester doing her Master Degree in Law. The term juggling will take on a whole new interpretation. Trust me it is a whole blog entry by itself :)

3 Days to Night Stay in SJMC :)
Lan and I decided to bring Ryan to SJMC on Saturday after his temperature reach 38.9'C on Friday night. It went down after we gave him his fever medicine but looking at his rapid breathing and his "lemah" face, we decided we wanted to hear what his paed has to say on his condition.

As always, the wait in SJMC is insanely long. Ryan was happily playing in his stroller, eating biscuits. He looks a bit tired though but happy as always. When we went in Dr Sofia's office, she wasn't happy with the way he was breathing. Ryan was wheezing and such so she suggested that Ryan be admitted so that several test can be conducted. At that time she was worried that he had contracted pneumonia/asthma etc so she ordered for chest x-ray, blood test etc.

Dr ordered for Nebulizer treatment to be done every 2 hours and after the 3rd dose every 4 hourly. Ryan will scream and scream because he feel rimas. The fact that the process is continuous does not help. It kind of interrupted his sleep and nap time, so he's extra cranky.

At this time his temperature was 40'c. The nurse had to insert the ubat in his backside so that his temperature will go down fast. They took of his clothes and gave him a shower there and then. Alhamdullilah his temperature went down after an hour or so.

Ryan looks so cute in his hospital gown, hugging Vulli...

Second Day: Mata bengkak from crying his heart out after his physio treatment. The therapist patted his back to loosen the phlegm and sucked out all his mucus from his mouth and nose with a tube. There was so much mucus, and he was gagging. At one point he even sneeze out some blood. Scary!! I thank god that my mum wasn't allowed in the physio therapy room, she would have cried along with Ryan. But seriously you have to be a total ice queen not to feel bad listening to him cry. He cried like as if he was beaten with a stick or something. Thank god right after the procedure, Ryan calmed down instantly when I picked him up.

Seriously SJMC fish porridge is the BOMB... I love it...Lan and I even shared it after Ryan finished eating... They even gave him some creme caramel. Weird,huh? I dunno babies are allowed to eat it. Gave him a taste but he don't like it, so I finish it all out :p

Eating like a total champion. 3 times a day. His Mak Long was teasing him about it :) But he really eat a LOT like his daddy heheh

Wherever Ryan goes, his zoo follows. Meet Tama the Turtle, Sophie Vulli the Giraffe, Mon the Monkey, Bee the Butterfly.
(Not in the picture but keeping guard at home : Octo Paul the Octopus, Elmo the Monster, Kamal the Camel, Ellie the Elephant, Tigger the Tiger and Leo the Lion... hahah penat nak remember all the toys name)

After 16 rounds of Nebulizer, 3 antibiotics jabs, 1 blood test, 1 xray test, countless of medication Ryan is better *alhamdullilah* and recuperating at home. My parents, Lan and I are taking turns in taking care of him at home for the whole week.

We're so proud of you little boy. You take it all like the little champion you are. Despite being sick you're still smiling and playing, charming everyone in sight. Love you babyboo... Anyway call me crazy, but last weekend was actually well spent. We managed to spend quality time together. The 3 of us sharing one small hospital room and taking turns amusing Ryan who's bored with the limited space. However, we had fun right???
Doctor came in with the final diagnose, Ryan is free to go home. No pneumonia and asthma but just minor infection to the lungs (which caused the fever) He just need to take his plastic full of medicine and get plenty of rest. I really thank god that my baby is recovering well...

Who's Ryan Daniel? Ask him that and he will seriously raised up his hand. Cute, no??? hahaha

Went to Chilli's Empire for a quick lunch after Ryan was discharge. Ryan had his mashed potato, no salt, no topping, no nothing but he finished 1/3 of his food :)

After 3 days of hospital food, mummy and daddy deserve a delicious treat :)
Balik hospital mummy and daddy had to handle a huge mountain of laundry and had to kemas bilik... *sigh* I need a maid... anyway back to work and will be on leave again on Thursday and Friday....


Sha said...

Get well soon baby Ryan

DyanaBangs said...

nanti akak nak try lah .
Nak tengok die angkat tangan tinggi-tinggi ke tak !

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Sha

Nurul: hahah try ok :)

Izyan Darling said...

awww kesiannya Ryan...
gosh it sounds super hard to juggle all. wonder if i'll be able to do the same when the time comes (without the Masters degree to juggle nonetheless). kudos to u Far & Lan. hopefully Ryan will stay a happy & healthy baby.

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Izyan :)When the time comes I'm sure you'll do just the same for your baby...