Friday, August 27, 2010

Closet Revamp...

Cardinal rule of shopping no 170: Thou shall not shop when you're hungry. Thou might end up with useless stuff that you don't need and not necessary even want by the end of the day.

To avoid being caught in one of those situation, I decided to do something useful during lunch time like MY ASSIGNMENTS. Tough luck, I can't concentrate because I'm hungry (or lazy??)

I was going through my favourite fashion blog list and I remembered this awesome blog called "New Dress A Day" . The owner M*arisa L*ynch made a decision to not go retail shopping for a year and instead make do with buying ugly thrifts clothing item to be revamp into gorgeous outfits. Her motto? 365 new dresses for $365 in 365 days. How cool is that? I wish I have that kind of talent (patience) where I can turn my old clothes into something cool without having to buy new dress every time :p

Since I'm in the process of moving at the end of the year, I'm mentally going through my 4 wardrobes of clothes in Klang and Shah Alam(freaky right?) and start freaking with the amount of junk I have. I can safely say the I have at least one wardrobe full of clothes that I don't want, can't fit, no longer proper, koyak etc. Maybe I should start weeding all of the unwanted clothes out and keep the clothes that I want to wear and maybe even revamp some of my old clothes into new funky outfits.

Maybe I can pull a Mar*issa and not go clothes shopping for a year. Think of all the money I can save?Probably I will have enough money at the end of the year for a substantial purchase like a new diamond bracelet or a gorgeous Birkin or two ( I'm hungry so I'm a bit delusional hahah). Anyway I'm going to leave you with some photo's taken from the website. Do google her, love her website :p

From frumpy to funky

I love the second outfit :)


Sha said...

I would love to see that happening but to bad I don't have the talent too

~f@R~ said...

I'm inspired enough to send in my too long/ too big/ too small to my RM3 tailor for alteration... membazir space je dalam almari

Sha said...

Rm3?? Za Altera charged me RM12 just to cut of 2 inch of my jeans hem. crazy