Monday, November 15, 2010

Annual Dinner 2010- Masquerade Carnivale'

Date : 12 November 2010
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Center
Theme: Masquerade Carnivale'

I had some problems on deciding my outfit for the night :p I had to make a choice between 1 black dress, 2 kaftan like dress and a kebaya. For some reason none feels right. I almost spend Rm400 on a new dress but for some reason I had a strong feeling against it :p

Inspired by the latest Vampire Diaries Masquerade Episode :p I decided to go for something short. I remembered this dress that I bought in Jakarta 2 years ago - a green silk mini sequined dress (it fits b*tches haha) and paired it with a black inner/leggings, cotton scarf, headband + bracelet from F21, Audrey Guess clutch and CK slingbacks

With Nina and Syer in the KLCC vampy bathroom

Anyway this is also my first attempt on putting on fake eyelashes on my own... Thank god it stayed on (after using half a bottle of eyelash glue)... I also did my own make up. I think it looked kinda good (haha puji diri sendiri) but it took me close to 2 hours to complete the look I wanted...

With hubby.... I love my mask... itz now sitting in my car :p

With YAH, NDE and SIA :)

With Azizi, Ashraff, Nicky D, Nina D and Syer

P/S: Performance was by Najwa Muhyiddin (she's good), food was s0-so, GREAT company but the event was a bit draggy and it finishes quite late...but all in all it was a good night...
PP/S: Limited pictures because I was a total dungu and forgot to charge my DSLR camera, managed to take 6 pics and the battery went "kong". Will upload the pics soon. The above pics are taken by my BB :)
PPP/S: Uploading pics on my weekend soon....


Sha said...

I love your outfit darling. Congrats on the "falsies" esp. after the drama in the afternoon

DyanaBangs said...

lawa la kaknaaa ;p

~f@R~ said...

Thanks guys :)

Nana S. said...

salam. kak, mask beli dkt mana eh? ktorg tengah plan nk buat masquerade dinner party. tlg reply dkt blog saya eh. thank youu :)