Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Muse

I love taking photos especially of my little boy. Having the DSLR makes it even more fun as it captures more vivid image :) I'm no professional photographer but I'm learning as I go... Like I'm fond of telling my sis and Lan "IT IS ALL ABOUT THE ANGLE" Those two are hopeless. :p Anyway enjoy some of the pics taken of my little prince charming :)

ya habibi ya Ryan :p

comotness :p

blushing cheeks :p

Mummy Perasan Mode *alert*
I had to take these photos for a "project" but I have to admit something camwhoring with a DSLR is so much more fun than using normal digicam or camera phone :p -hahaha too bad I don't have that much free time nowdays to do this more often :)


Anonymous said...

ohmaigod budak ni comel. The baby not the mum ok -J

DyanaBangs said...

comel gile ryan muka tompok2

~f@R~ said...

So called Anon : Whatever :p

Nurul : bedak sejuk tu... geram kan..