Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crazy Weekend Pic-Cha Galore!!

The past weekend was a bit crazy but super fun :) With preparations for upcoming trip *supergrin*, gymboree, anniversary dinner, wedding, visiting family, shopping expedition (like real) in Alamanda AND Sunway in a day, I barely had the time to relax despite it being the weekend.

Since becoming a mother camwhoring activities is pretty limited for obvious reasons but I managed to snap some pics. I'm going to cheat and post pictures instead of doing a proper blog entry :p

Tony Roma's. Love the steak and ribs combo.

P/S: Check out the new blog layout. In a mood of a "less pink" design.
My new Adidas Samantharina flats and pinky water bottle courtesy of hubby. OMG the shoe is superduper comfortable, just the thing I need for our trip :) Loving the fact that it is practical but also uber cute.
:p Ryan's colouring :pRyan is a true "foodie" he loves food, it is such a joy watching him eat :)


farah said...

iskhh iskhh iskhh...dak mok comel mak long nie..takder kerja lain eh.... makan ..makan... makannnn !!!

~f@R~ said...

He takes after kau kan... makan makan makan hahahaha

NDYANAH K . said...

kakna MEAN okay!