Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Very Special Trip :)

Lan, Ryan and myself would be leaving for Madinah and later Mecca to perform our Umrah this Friday (18 March 2011) *insyallah* till the end of the month. Lan's parents and his siblings will be accompanying us on this trip.

I've been wishing to perform my Umrah since forever especially after I got married.I actually made plans to go for our umrah in 2009 but too bad we didn't have enough annual leave left to go. I guess Allah has better plan for us, true enough going this year means going with Ryan which made this trip so much more special :)

I'm so thankful that Allah have been listening to my prayers. Anyway we'll be gone till the end of March 2011. Please pray for our safe return and for a smooth journey to perform our "ibadah" in Mecca and Madinah. My main concern is of course Ryan, but *insyallah* I'm sure my baby is going to behave himself :) You're so lucky sayang, you're only one and is already able to visit the Kaabah. *alhamdullilah* rezeki Ryan sangat murah.

Ya allah, I'm so excited beyond words, trust me as I'm typing this, my mind is already so far away :p (I even put on a daisy.path tracker to count the days ;p) So that's all for this week, just informing in case you're wondering why I'm suddenly missing on FB/Blog or Twitter :p Stay safe everyone, take care and I will miss you guys branches (or at least SOME of you haha)


Ira Zaira said...

Selamat beribadah & take a good care!!

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Kak Ira.. You take care too :) Will doakan for everyone here *insyallah*

NDYANAH K . said...

safe journey kKN. doakan akak~

~f@R~ said...

ok sayangku. Take care and don't be nakal :p

NDYANAH K . said...

terima kasih pinjamkan katil dan dvds!