Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The one on Buble'...

Last Sunday (130311) I went to the most awesome concert EVER!! Micheal Buble's concert in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam to be precise. Our seats were right in the middle, and quite far back from the main stage but I had so much fun, it doesn't seem to matter.

Buble' is an awesome performer. His voice is as sexy and beautiful as you hear on the radio, it may surprise you to know that he is actually a pretty good dancer and the man in HILARIOUS.

His introduction of his band member got the fans rolling on our backs laughing. Can't believe that he actually duped us into believing that one of his band members are from Malaysian and got everyone applauding secara "over". Hahaha His Glee, Aladin ( I can't believe he actually sang "a whole new world") and his Micheal Jackson impersonation is so spot on :p )
All in all I had an awesome night, and I have to say that the concert was worth every penny :) Please come back next year, I would so buy the RM1k tickets (like real) :p

Marry me you awesome, awesome man :p hahaha

Partner of Crime...


Sha said...

I love him too!!!

The pictures looks pretty clear. You must have got the "VIP" tickets.

~f@R~ said...

The power of zoom :p saya duduk tickets RM300 je