Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ryan's Milestones (Part 2)

I feel like as if I haven’t been blogging about Ryan’s development for some time. I guess it is hard to cluster the “achievements” (for lack of better word) as there is something new every day.

Ryan is up but not exactly running :p He’s able to walk (or I prefer the word toddle around) which he’ll do mostly at school but not much at home as he prefers other method of movement i.e. walking on his knees (I seriously don’t know where he learned this from), crawl or make someone carry him around.

I’m not worried though, he can run around when he feels like it and his pediatrician confirm that he’s thriving as he should at 14 months :p when that day comes I shall start locking every door and pack away all my beautiful artsy decoration. Not that I can relax on the supervision, as it is Ryan is a very active climber and he can’t seem to find a drawer that he won’t open. My curious tom have suffered from minor falls and bangs along the way, but boys would be boys and we encourage his curiosity/ sense adventure but within safe confinements.

Other than being on the move all the time, my little boy is a bit of a chatterbox, very much like his mummy. He’s able to say:-
Mama/Miee – Mummy
Diddy – Daddy
Nennek- Nenek
Ayyahh- He calls my dad ayah, after listening to my siblings call my dad as such, and he refused to use the term atuk *geram* haha
Nak- I want
NaNak- Don’t want
Nekkk- Milk
Nak Nek- Want milk :p
Bak- gimme
Bukak/ kak- open
Dah- Sudah/ enough
Innish- Finish
Pish- Fish
Catzzzz- cat
Ooff- dog
Mo/ Dadada – Elmo (what else?)
Sta sta sta- singing twinkle-twinkle (along with the finger star movement)
Ba ta ta – singing his favorite alif ba ta iqra’ song

He’s also able to follow simple instruction like Stop (works so much better than NO!), No (I would mostly be ignored along with a cheeky naughty smile), come here please, let’s go, school time (which he will sometime answer with a Nanak and furious head shake), do you want to eat?, kiss me, high five, shake hand (in which he will salam and cium tangan), baca doa before eating (complete with the amin at the end), Kiss (flying kiss +muacks) etc etc

Last week while Ryan was playing in the hall of my parent’s house, I just said Allahuakhbar, thinking that he would mimic takbir (i.e. putting his hands to his ears during prayers). He didn’t but instead headed into my parents room. My dad and I followed him out of curiosity and do you know what he did? He actually went on this rattan prayer mat that my dad had laid down and actually did the sujud (an action from the prayers), put his hand up for doa, said amin smiled and said “dah!” . He actually “prayed” albeit for one rakaat :p

Ya Allah, what can I say? Ryan has really been paying attention. The fact that he’s able to copy movement from our prayers is one thing but being able to connect “prayers- room- prayer mat and kiblat” makes me swell with pride, my 14 months connected tots *huge grin*

Ryan did something really sweet two days ago, I was putting on my makeup while he was playing on the rug next to me, I felt a tug and I saw him standing next to me babbling “Mie mie”. I looked down and asked him what he wanted. He pointed for me to come closer and when I came down to his eye level, he gave me this seriously yucky slurpy kiss completed with the “muack muacks” Hahaha he actually wanted to kiss me, my sweet darling baby and he’s all mine mine mine :)

Ryan in his new Bumblebee courtesy of Atuk. I came back home and I saw him playing in the car. Lan and I was speechless (jealous aku) I'm so asking for an Ipad for my birthday.

I got the dirtiest stare from this makcik in BV after Ryan's Gymboree last week. I think she thought I actually gave my baby hot coffee for real. Hello!! it's an empty cup and I don't even drink coffee

Pointing happily at daddy :p

Ryan took this photo. He knows which button to press and now every time he sees my BB he insisted on taking a photo (habis battery aku :p)

I love buying him toys/books that is slightly above his age. Trying to get him interested in colouring. Check out his doodle :p

Impressed? Don't be
This work of art is courtesy of my sister and I :p


Sha said...

Smart baby lah Ryan ni :D

NDYANAH K . said...

ingatkan ryan yang lukis. chech

farah said...

apa lah mak long nurul nie... takkan lah art work yg canggih , kontemperori , klasik dan cun itu dilukis oh ryannnnn !!!tunggu lagi setahun k mak long nurul !!

~f@R~ said...

hahaha kak nak gelak gila bila Nurul tweet and ingat anak sedara dia yg lukis... conteng pandai lah :p