Tuesday, August 2, 2011

April - June 2011 Photos Updates

Lan's 30th Birthday Dinner - Our Crib :)

We had a small family gathering to celebrate hubby's b-day on 17/4/2011.
Menu: We had yummy MU themed choc chips/bluberry cuppies from Nadibakes + Nasi Tomato, ayam kurma and the works (courtesy of my sis), Pizza + KFC

Random pictures from the dinner :)

Short Family Trip : Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson

Ryan LOVES the water.
We didn't let him take a dip in the ocean this time around as sea water from this side of PD is a bit dirty.
My 3rd Convocation in UiTM : 12 May 2011

I'm now officially a Masters Degree holder
Masters in Law (Corporate Law) 2011

With my family, parents & in laws :)

Outing with Ryan : Sunway Pyramid Cars 2 Exhibition

Note: Finally managed to upload some backdated pics. More to come soon.
Anyway, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan, May Allah bless our Ramadhan this time around in every way *insyallah*


Anonymous said...

Like. Selamat berpuasa to you.

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cherl said...

this is kak farah (hubby's ec-classmate in uitm)@faerah's elder sis...nak tanya,how do u manage ambik master and dah ada baby..kak farah nak ambik, tapi takut tak boleh manage....congrats for ur future twin babies..salam pada lan..