Friday, May 4, 2012

My 'SCRAP" project :)

The problem with having digital camera (be it DSLR, normal digi cam, camera phone) is I don't bother developing my pictures anymore. I'll take 1000 of photos but chances are most would be left on my PC.If "they" are lucky, I'll probably repost them on FB/blog for viewing.I find looking at photos via PC not much fun as nothing beats going through each photos individually, recalling moments :) That is where I find scrap booking comes in handy

"A truly creative way to store pictures according to special events"

 I started scrap booking "seriously" after I found out I was pregnant with Ryan. I had all those ultrasound images but had no idea what to do with them. Mind you those black and white images are EXPENSIVE, so rather than let those printouts go wasted, I bought myself my first scrap booking kit to document Ryan's development i.e. birth photos, baby shower, aqiqah, birthdays etc.

The rest is history. I have to admit scrap booking takes a lot of time, effort, creativity and money. Some people may think it is too much of a hassle but I love the creative process. If left to my own devices I can spend hours on all fours arranging pictures and designing each pages according to my heart content.

I'm not the most discipline in updating my book though. There are times when months go without me adding a new page to the book but when the mood comes I'll be holed up in my room doing nothing but designs :p I've limited page entries for special occasion though- holidays, birthdays etc.since the book can only accommodate about 50 pages per album.

 Anyway I'm currently working on Ryan's book. Planning on updating on our Umrah Trip, Jakarta Trip up to his 2nd Birthday :p After that can "katam" and start designing Iman's and Ranya's book :)

 Ryan's book :)

Things you need to start scrap booking.
Coloured papers, stickers, glue, glitters etc and most importantly the photos itself  *duh*

 A page from Ryan's book.
I think he's about 4 months :p Iman really look like him kan :p

Iman and Ranya's album.
Shall start collecting the photos and start designing soon :)

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