Friday, May 11, 2012

Cake Cutting Ceremony (not!)

We had makan-makan today to celebrate May Babies, promotions and to say goodbye to some good people in the department :(

Good food, great company (minus one :p) couldn't ask for more....
I brought Garrets popcorn + chicken pie. Weird combination kan? I initially thought I would not be able to cook since Ranya and Iman is a bit under the weather this whole week. But since they were feeling better and slept early I managed to whipped out some mini pies.
My shared bday cake with Yohanna + she who shall not be named *roll eyes* malas nak cerita pasal dia and contaminate my blog *positive vibes*
With YAH + Bawal Part III
My food loving colleagues....
First bday present of the year. Thanks Cath :)


Sha said...

Celebrating your birthday early?

~f@R~ said...

The deparment "kumpul" all the may babies and celebrate in one go.More cost efficent and fun celebrate together2