Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A reminder to myself...

I was having lunch with my sister and Ryan in Delicious Sunway. As we're digging into our food and layan-ing Ryan's antics, we heard a woman's voice shouting "kau ni menyusahkan betul-lah".

Everybody went quiet and instantly went finding for the source, turn out the woman was reprimanding her child who's about Ryan's age. I don't think the girls was doing anything terribly naughty pun but the mum looks so furious.

We thought it was the end of it but a few minutes later she started shouting at the poor child again. Her husband just look on clutching at their other kid. She even raised her hand at one point, I think at that point even their bibik was afraid she'll totally lose it so she put the girl in her stroller and offered to bring her out while her parents eat.

I was a few seats away so maybe I didn't see how naughty the girl was acting but I believe the woman should have kept her cool. I hate to think if she acted like that in public how is she treating her kids at home. Scary thought ain't it?

Parents have the power to discipline their children by way of reprimands, time out even light caning when necessary but the punishment should reflect the misbehaviour. You should have seen the little girl face being wheeled out of the restaurant slumped in her stroller. She looked so sad, I think she acted out to get her mum's attention.

I seriously had one of those "wtf" moments. I understand how frustrating it is when your child misbehaved and it's tiring when they become uncontrollable. Not forgetting the embarrassment of looking like you're a failure of a parent not able to discipline your own kid. I admit I myself have lost my temper with Ryan and there are times when I was too tired to function and have been known to even snap at the twins. However,Alhamdullilah I've managed to contain my anger and not go too far each time and remind myself kids will be kids.

Hopefully I'll never act like that woman and embarrassed my children and make them feel unloved in public, at home, anywhere at anytime.

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