Monday, May 7, 2012

The Tale of Two Weekends

Warning: This is going to be one of those long post describing in length (photos) my two week worth of weekend activities.

28 April 2012: No.. I did not join Bersih :p duduk rumah je "judging" people yg "judge" people like me who is considered unpatriotic for not joining the rally. Whatever la babe...

29 April 2012: Upin and Ipin the Musical Time in Istana Budaya. The theater itself was "ok-la", very colourful etc. Ryan was excited at first but after an hour he got bored so he started bugging everyone instead. Thank god we brought a huge entourage consisting of my sis, bro in law and my 4 sisters in law so Ryan has a lot of people to layan his antics.

All of us :)

Ryan with the cupboard cutouts of Upin,Ipin, Fizi, Ehsan, Opah and Uncle Muthu.
(yes i can memorize the names of the characters sebab kena tengok the series berjuta kali sampai nak muntah)

In the pic with Fizi's mascot mummy and daddy muka malu sebab Ryan "pok" the patung sebab terpegang dia. Gangster kicik betul :p

All of the Upin and Ipin merchandise that Ryan managed to "pau" from mummy and mak long *sigh*
Anyway kinda sad that we can't get the Upin doll since it is all sold out. Kena carik la...

"Mummy where?? where? dun have..."

Trying out tudung bawal after so long....

The much awaited date with hubby.
We took Monday before Labour day off to spend time together-gether.
Went to watch The Avengers- which was AWESOME.
 I find the scripts funny and HULK is such a scene stealer

Loving my new dress... me lookie very slim kan?
Hahaha perasan. Anyway tried my second bawal.
It's 3 tones....

New flats : Black from Primavera courtesy of my mum and the brown one was from Payless Shoe Store in Sunway. The selection is crazy.
I also bought Cars2 Sneakers for Ryan and a pair of slippers each for the twins

Tummy time for Iman and Ranya

Labour day: Had to go back to Sunway to exchange Ryan's shoes which was a size too small.
I drove to Sunway with Ryan and met my sister there for lunch...

More bawal hehehehe

@Delicious: My yummy spaghetti pesto +grilled chicken (which Ryan choose to eat rather than his own meal), Ryan's chicken fingers and the chocolicious sundae .
Look at him spooning the ice-cream...

Mummy and her fave baby boy :p

Last Saturday: cooked lunch for hubby. Just simple dishes of sambal sardin, egg mayo and sawi and cendawan goreng.
Licin hubby and Ryan makan :)

Iman and Ranya. My miss (s) polka dottie. All dressed up for their 4th month jab.
Turned out Dr Chong's clinic is closed for wesak.
So last2 balik rumah je hahahahah

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