Friday, April 26, 2013

Just one one of those days....

I WANT these
(ok maybe not ALL just one each for the girls will do :p)

I know it is not practical and the girls grow up so fast...
It is also quite expensive -__- 
and I usually don't go crazy for designer clothes for my kids because YES I do read about Dr Muhaya's opinion about spoiling our kids very early on in life *pffftttt*
(but let me justify that this is actually cheaper than what they're selling in one of those "leading" Malaysian online shop and it's DVF not some cikai designer)

Yeah I freaking sound pretencious and I hate sounding like this but I really like this line for some reason, I can imagine the girls wearing this for Raya... I don't even mind if this is to be their only non baju kurung baju raya because I want it I want it and I want it...

So saya akan beristigfar, take a deep breath and I'm gonna do what I always do when I want something real bad even when I know I shouldn't. I will wait for a few days and see whether it is really something I want or is it just one of those "in the moment nafsu thingmajingy) and if I still feel like I want these dresses on let see, MONDAY?? I shall just go and buy it..As for the moment I shall delete these from my "shopping bag" and try to forget it existed for a while hehehe

Psycho mummy alert mode... or more like psycho shopaholic mental problem mode hahaha

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