Monday, April 22, 2013

The one on the Snobish Bookworm...

I haven't done any book review in AGES... 

I hate to admit it but I don't have much time to read and finish a book lately. Planning to break the horrible cycle, so yesterday I forced myself and managed to finish a book in a day :) More on this later on..

I'm a bit of a book snob. You can't be a student of Mrs Mag Literature class and not be a book snob :p At the young age of 16, I was already exposed to the wonderful world of character and plot analysis. You don't just READ a book, you analyze the motivation of the protagonist and antagonist, the maksud tersirat, tersurat of each line, character development, the events which contributed to the climax of the story and of course the conclusion and the moral for each story. You just have to look at my worn copy of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" and judge yourself.

Having said that, despite my English being pretty crap and my "gone" grammar, I still can't pick up a book and have what most people describe as "easy reading". I'll nit pick like crazy... it drives my friends nuts because they'll be all excited over a book and I'll be like "the plot is stupid, the heroine has no back-bone and the ending is a disappointment". The reply I usually get is "Far we're not in class, STFU :p"

Anyway I've been picking books to read based on the current "now showing" in the cinema list :p However, instead of watching the movie first, I choose to read the book first and usually end up being hugely disappointed in the movie or tv series. It is just so hard to despict and potray the emotions and details that you can find in a book that directors usually failed to capture on screen. I guess in the end their motivation is MONEY so whatever brings in the ratings would be highlighted. Oh well you can't make everybody happy.

List of book currently on my side table which I've read, in the midst of reading or will start reading soon :) 

Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy


I'm sorry but this whole series is crap. The plot is repetitive throughout the whole 3 books. I don't know about you but I'm so over the whole beautiful supposedly "intelligent" young woman swooning over a hot young guy she met ONCE just because of his "mysterious smile and smouldering eyes" (Twilight and Vampire Diaries, rip-off much?). The book is describe on Wikipedia as the "mummies p.orn" hence the popularity but truth be told the se.x scene got pretty much boring after Chapter 8 Book 1. I've read Mills and Boons books with much interesting depiction of love making (hahaha) Even after the discount, it was the worse RM69.90 I've ever spent on books. Don't even get me started on the ending which is very anti climatic (pun intended) *Sorry Christian Grey fans :p* 

Silver Linings

I haven't watch the movie despite it winning Oscars and all, but let me tell you I am so running to the nearest DVD shop to watch this, after picking up and completing this book yesterday :) I absolutely love the story. It is a love story with a twist and instead of having the perfect "shinny" couple, you get a bunch of loonified, crazy and screwed up protagonists :) I love all the references it made to the classics (books) and having Bradley Cooper on the cover is always a plus...

The Hobbit

Ok this is a re-read and re-buy :p I lost my copy of The Hobbit, and when the movie came out, I got a bit sentimental and went out to replace my old copy. Tolkien never disappoints and I'm bias because I love his work. Fans of middle earth would agree with me. If you want to start your Middle Earth adventure I suggest you start with this book, moving on to the LOTR trilogy, The Silmarillon and Children of Hurin.

Les Miserables

I got myself this complete and unabridged copy of the book months ago and I am still on the first chapter :p Admittedly, I got lazy and I shall complete this book once I finish reading this.......

The Host

This book seems easy reading enough, and I picked it up because it is written by Stephenie Meyer the writer of Twilight. Read some good review on this, so I shall start reading this tonight and hopefully finish this by this week? Here's to hoping and wish me luck :)

Mari membaca everyone....

P/S: Don't take my review seriously. Everyone has different taste and since you shall not judge a book by its cover, pick any one and you may end up loving it... even if you hate it you're bound to learn something.... Peace yo!!!

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