Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FarryTales 3.0???

My birthday is coming soon but this year instead of just thinking about presents, another thought is slowly creeping up to me is “dangggg I’m going to be 30 this year”. But to tell you the truth I don’t really feel OLD. Adakan sebab saya tak sedar diri or because I’m naturally surrounded by “wiser” people daily that make me terperasan muda haha :p

Anyway when Lan turned 30 2 years ago,I asked him this question. “Is this where you envisioned yourself to be when you’re 30?” Now I’m going to ask myself the same question “Am I in a place where my 25 year old self envisioned to be at 30 years old?”

Alhamdullilah… I think the answer is a big fat yes :)

When some major changes was taking place in my life short of turning 25, I decided to stop making new year resolutions (which don’t work for moi) and concentrate on achieving 5 major goals for myself. To ensure that I would follow through I’ve set a 5 year timeline. It wasn’t easy but I quietly worked through each and every one of my goals and prayed to Allah to make my path easier. With Allah will, the help of those closest to me and my own hardwork. Alhamdullilah I managed to complete all 5 of my to do list as follows:

A.      Get married and start a family
This sound a bit “kampung” I know but maybe I’m a kampung girl at heart and proud of it (haha) Anyway I just got engaged at that time, so you can imagine what “triggered” this dream :p  My parents also inspired this desire of having a “young family”.

I guess based on my family experience I always thought having the abundance of energy to “layan” my kids is a big plus despite the lack of experience and funds :p In the end  all this  goes down to the blessings that Allah has bestowed to me. Providing me with the rezeki of my 3 children is the best gift I’ve ever gotten my entire life and that is saying a lot because I’ve been blessed with many things which I can’t even began to be thankful for.  

B.      To buy a property under my name
A house (check) A car (check)

C.      To complete my masters
Check :)

D.      Perform my Umrah
Check (big thanks to my in-laws)

E.       Career Advancement

Another achievement that is not in my list but I have to say I’m very proud of myself for doing, is to start covering my aurat and wearing the hijab full time. I have to say I’m not quite there. I have yet to completely rid of the figure hugging clothes but something a friend said to me totally motivated me to try harder (She’s non-Muslim by the way) “Far when I first met you it was all short skirts and spaghetti straps and looking at you now, trust me I believe it is a huge achievement :)” 

Anyway, I would like to reiterate again and again that the above is not my doing alone or even at all. It is all driven by Allah will and blessing. I have to remember to be extra grateful and thankful. I’m always reminded by my parents that sometimes these “blessings” is a bigger form of test than any hardship could be. Because hardship will usually bring you closer to god but “kesenangan” sometimes push you away from him. So remember Farhanna remember…

I guess now that I’m turning 30 I shall start a new series of 5 year goals to be achieved before I turn 35. First in order and I shall put in writing to always remind me is  TO STRIVE TO BE A BETTER MUSLIMAH WHICH IN TURN WILL TRANSLATE INTO ME BEING A BETTER MOTHER, WIFE, DAUGHTER, FRIEND, EMPLOYEE etc. *In Sha Allah* 

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The other 4? I guess you have to wait another 5 years to find out if I managed work it out. Pray for me will ya :) 

Ohhh hubby is turning 32 tomorrow (old man alert :p) An early birthday wish to the love of my life. May Allah continue to  bless you with the gift of contentment for your awesome life, beautiful and intelligent wife (haha) and gorgeously healthy and soleh children. I wish you loads of love, awesomeness, health and may you become a better Muslim with every birthday :) Love you branches Kismissy. Muacks!!

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