Monday, April 15, 2013

The One on My Little Baker...

I'm big at finding new activities for Ryan to try.

This is mostly to minimize his time watching TV or playing with his tablet. Alhamdullilah I've managed to minimize Ryan's TV time as compared to before and the twins are not exposed to much TV (not even Sesame Street DVDs etc) I think learning from our experience with Ryan, their time would be better spent playing or doing creative activities.

So TV time is minimize to only at around 30mins or less at my mum's house (we only on the BabyTV in the morning when the kids are getting ready to help distract them) and NO TABLET time allocated at all. Our approach is very simple, the tab is mummy's and you can only play with it when mummy gives your permission to do so. It sounds a bit dictatorial but so far it worked since none of my kids are addicted to youtube and the likes of it - They watch what Lan and I want them to watch. Fullstop!

My children, Ryan especially is at the age where he's very open to try out new stuff. He always has a thing for cakes (since the TV when it is on is always tuned on the food channel) and though I do bake from time to time, I'm not really at the stage where I'm comfortable to include Ryan in the activity. So you can imagine my delight when I found out that my friend's little sister Jaja of the The Baking Fairies has introduced a cake decorating modules for children or Little Fairies as she called them :)

Photos are reposted from TBF IG

Photos are reposted from TBF IG

Photos are reposted from TBF IG

Photos are reposted from TBF IG
Anyway Ryan had a lot of fun decorating the cupcakes and even made new friends. He was so excited and the first thing he did when he got home was to demonstrate to his Mak Long the right way to "ice" a cake. I definitely plan to send Ryan to more baking classes in the future. It encourages creativity and even fine motor skill. Do check out their website (as attached above) if you're interested. Highly recommended by moi :)

With Nawal
His handiwork
Haha yes he was the only boy in the Saturday class :p
Thank god there's not much stigma about sending boys for cooking classes anymore. Even if there is, I don't care. I plan to raise Ryan the same way my late Wan raises her boys. My uncles and dad are all hands on fathers who not only help around the house but are also awesome cooks. So as far as I'm concern all housework even the cooking are to be shared equally between the 3 children and Ryan being the eldest would be responsible (when the time comes and if need be) for his little sisters meals :)

Hopefully he'll grow up to be a soleh responsible young man who's also an awesome cook and baker *in sha allah* Hahaha how's that for raising the next Jejaka Idaman Melaya?

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