Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014...

2014 was a trying year for most of us. Personally, I suffered from a fair share of disappointments and the lost of a very dear friend. As a nation, we had to go through several tragedies and natural disasters. It is a year of heartbreaks for me.

However, I believe Allah is fair, with each trial and tribulation there's always a better thing waiting for us. Maybe not today or tomorrow, maybe it won't even happen in the near future, but one day InshaAllah. We just have to have faith.

Another important lesson that I learn in 2014 is that sometimes the things that we don't have is a bigger blessing than the things that we have. Sometimes we don't realized that things like money, power, looks etc is more of a curse than blessings. These things may push you astray from god, sever relationship with friends and family and actually do more harm than good. So other than be grateful for the things that you have, don't forget to offer thanks for the things that you don't have and is not good for you :)

Despite several lows in 2014, a lot of positive and awesome things happened in 2014. Alhamdullilah. My biggest blessings has and will always be my family. I'm so grateful that I was born in a loving family and are now entrusted with a beautiful family of my own. May Allah continue to bless me with this precious gift of love. All the sacrifices, pain and exhaustion is worth the smile on my family member faces.

I'm also thankful for the chance to travel and explore with my children. I believe I've created several mini travel bugs in my munchkins. I do hope one day they'll remember the fun we had as a family and the lessons and knowledge we collected with each places we go to...

May 2015 brings in more travel opportunities to experience and appreciate the beauty of the world that Allah has created for us to explore. InshaAllah. 

I pray for a better 2015 for myself, my family and friends. May we be protected from harm and may we become better persons everyday. Thank you to everyone who gave me a reason to smile even for a bit. I love you and I appreciate your presence in my life. 

See you next year, InshaAllah :) 

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