Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Super Nonsense....

People usually enjoy being complimented including myself. I love it when people compliment my new dress, my looks, intelligence etc. There is just one title that makes me feel like a fraud though and that is when people call me a "supermummy"

I actually get this a lot. Maybe because I'm a working mum with no maid raising 3 small children, or because of the activities photos that I posted on social media. Browsing through my IG page it does look like I'm doing A LOT but like I've reminded my friends a gabijillion times, what you see on social media is just about 20% of the things that is actually happening in real life.

When you're associated with anything "super", it only means one thing -> You do not make mistakes. The problem is I make mistakes EVERYDAY. I sometimes yell at my children, lose my temper, feed them junk food and the list goes on and on. Life is stressful enough without the added stress of having to maintain perfection all the time.

I know some people are thinking, "urrrghhh what is the big deal, people are just trying to be nice, just accept the compliment and don't make a big thing out of it". Trust me I'm grateful but I just don't appreciate the negative attention and scrutiny that comes with the so called title.

  • When your child behaves well 80% of the time but when the 20% happens and they throw a tantrum, people will make a bigger deal out of it as compared to a child who misbehaves 80% of the time (or)
  • The one day you allowed your kids to play with the tablet for like 15 minutes (out of 168 hours in a week), people would suddenly label you as a hypocrite and not walking the talk (whatever that means)
I don't exactly want to be label as a bad mother either, I actually prefer not to be labelled at all. My life is far from perfect, I have my issues. It's just that I prefer not to broadcast my problems be it at home or at work on social media. That is not me being a hypocrite. It is just me trying to be responsible and protect the aib of people around me and myself, whenever I can (Having said that I should really try to gossip less haha)

I also wish people understand one very important thing:-

My choices as a parent is not a reflection of other people's ability to parent.My choices are made based on my family, my lifestyles and my upbringing. Please don't take my personal choices as a criticism of your personal choices. 

It it just me or people are extra sensitive these days???

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