Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing Interesting

Good Morning!!

I'm currently in the BNM Training Facility, Lanai Kijang attending/observing a programme. Everything is going great so far I'm relieve :)

Had a very productive weekend as far as a weekend go... I manage to meet up with Farisa, Reebok and Sultanah Kelantan. Didn't stay that long because I have to attend a family "meeting" at home so had to rush back from Bangsar to Klang.

Alia (my just turn 6 cousin) greeted me as I came in the house with a proud announcement. "I BROUGHT CAKE AND TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!" Nasib baiklah I have something to give her. I bought her a Barbie Activity Book & Sticker for fun which I camouflaged as her birthday present. The adults discussed on MY WEDDING and the kiddies played on. Alia voluntered herself to be my "unofficial" flower girl. Kids now days...

Sunday is girlie time with Jessie. Had lunch in Manhattan Fish in JJ Bukit Tinggi. We went dress hunting for my hen party. I probably make Jessie walked into more than 20 boutiques. I found a deep green dress in the most unlikely place. It's a toga dress with the hugest bow.

It reminded me of this actually but with a smaller ribbon :p

I'm tired *sigh* and I still have to attend my Corporate Insolvency class later.I have nothing much to update anyway and I feel bad for blogging in the facility *menyalahgunakan facility* :) So I'm signing off. Catch up with you later...

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