Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glass Full vs Glass Empty: A matter of perspective

The closer the date of the wedding, I feel the more "ujian" there seem to be. I won't say that it's major, it's really a matter of perspective.

Part 1
Some "error" on the card. They reprinted the cards so the matter was rectified in 2 days :p

Silver Lining: At least the mistake was spotted and rectified promptly with no added cost. So I won't really consider it as a problem. Blessing in disguise???

Part 2
I received a call from Uztaz Noh mentioning that another couple wishes to be married on the same day at the same time *sigh* So I have to options:-
a) have the solemnization ceremony @ the mosque @ 3.30pm
b) do it at home at 5pm.

- My dad is not to keen on doing it at 5pm because of the timing.
- I'm not to keen on doing it at 3.30pm "waiting in line" with all the other couples *sigh*. Geram because of having to go back and fro, from home to the mosque and back at home again for the "kenduri" and "photo session".

- Technically it's NOT really a problem, because the objective of the whole thing is for Lan & I to get married, right? So WHERE we get married is irrelevant as long as we get married, kan?
- I shall not jump into conclusion that the whole occasion will not be perfect due to the "extra mileage" it may involved. For all I know having the ceremony in the mosque may be an added "blessing" to our marriage (i.e: mosque = place of worship = good deeds/good aura/good karma?)
- So I'm not going to stress over it (stress causes pimples) Takde makne pun. I see no point picking a fight with everyone about this.

Part 3: Working + Studying + Getting Married
I have to co-conduct a programme on 23-24 February 3 days before my wedding. I still have to go for classes. My exam starts 2-3 weeks after my honeymoon and I still haven't started on my assignments.

I'm not panicking (yet!) I wonder if I will (maybe) Blabbing my head out (in near future)

- I'm multi-tasking doing research + completing my report (personal dateline: THIS FRIDAY)

- Working on the last minute arrangement in stages and stopping to breathe everytime I feel panicky

- Ignore the irrating buzz coming from "insensitive people" - " kenapa?, tak lawa, tak kelas, KT, KR etc" sebab itu saya malas mahu bercerita tentang marriage preparation:-
1) It's will turn out into a whole "comparing session" - (i.e why A's pelamin is nicer than C's pelamin") - Someone is bound to feel hurt (intentionally or not)
2) Don't want to promote people tambah dosa mengumpat :)
3) I don't want to turn into a total Bridezilla
4) I seriously don't care if my wedding is not as "grand" as others, as long as Lan and I are happy, our parents are happy, I refused to play the "game" say what you will....

At the end the main goal is a lifetime of blessing, happiness, laughter, cute babies and happy family *insyallah*


twayblade said...

a day before my nikah day: kipas siling jatuh; letrik takde time jiran2 tgh isi bunga telur; official spokesman takleh dtg; vacuum cleaner rosak.

on the day itself: tok kadi dtg lambat 15 min

on the day of kenduri: hujan giler punya lebat before and after kenduri.

prepare yourself for the worst. it's bound to happen.

Bads said...

all the best far (as much as you don't want to be stress, you sound so stressed!) hope the ustaz issue gets settled without much fuss.

i can so imagine myself as Bridezilla whenever it is i get married.. hahaha..

~f@R~ said...

Thanks guys

Ida: I so get you... I've given up on perfect... "perfectly" happy if I don't end up kena nervous breakdown :p

Shireen: Hahah I know, I AM stressed but trying so hard not to drive myself crazy!!!

Tak sabar want to get it over and done with :)