Monday, January 19, 2009

Restraining Order...

I do not know what came over me last Friday, when I proudly made this proclamation to Azlan:

Me:I'm not going to buy ANY clothes, shoes and handbags until after the wedding. Starting now 7.45pm, 16 January 2009
Lan: Ye? Kalu you beli jugak macam mana?
Me: You boleh marah I and I can't retaliate
Lan: Fine, everytime you beli new stuff, I can cubit

Hmm... It's only 3.5 days and I'm already suffering *sigh* I'm currently looking for "summery" clothes to wear for my honeymoon (key point is LOOK not BUY) I've set aside several dresses and swim suits (macam lah pandai swim pun) that I bought in Bangkok but have not worn yet as possibilities, but I want more (greedy nak mati)

Anyway me love the dresses posted above (from If anybody have too much $$$ to waste and have nothing to do with it, why not donate it to the Far Needs New Honeymoon Clothes Foundation (like as if)

However, please do so after you have contributed to the Anti-War Against Palestine Donation (NSTP or Mercy Malaysia). A little contribution goes a long way :)
Lan and I have started the moving process. I love my room so much (all thanks to my fiancé' yang sanggup re-paint my room without complaint). We have moved some furniture around and manage to create some additional space. We're currently on the look out for a small (but long) dining table and a small TV stand. My parents promised to bring me furniture hunting this weekend (yeaa!!) can't wait.
I'm so EXCITED that I'm finally getting my own place where I can decorate and maintain.

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