Wednesday, January 28, 2009

30 Days To Go.....

I'm finally back at work after 7 days of break *yeah*

I was on MC on Wednesday- Friday due to back pain. Was supposed to rest at home, but ended up doing more work :) Finally finish hauling 80% of my stuff to Lan's place, set up the tv cabinet and put up the curtains, so one less headache to deal with...

Wednesday: Went to Dewi Sri Spa for my 2nd Pre Wedding Spa Treatment *best* at least the massage alleviate my back pains. I accidentally went shopping ( I know I shouldn't be buying stuff but I saw this bee- you-ti-fool strapless white dress and just have to buy it : actually I saw a few dresses but could only afford one :p)

My dress looks like this but it's plain white silk. Since I can't wear a "dress" for my wedding, I guess will make do with one for my Hen Night :) I saw this gorgeous headband in Diva that would go on great with my dress but then again....

Thursday : Pergi pick up my Marc Jacob Bag *wee* Went to Ikea to get the black carpet I wanted.

Friday: Duduk rumah, mengemas and finally finish "taping" the flowers for my hantaran :)

Saturday : Went to Rinie's Baby Shower. Had so much fun with the girls.. The Charade game was hilarious, with Irma trying to act out "Anakku Sazali" and Najwa failing miserably to act out "alphabet song". Nia was also there.. si comel yang suka bounce :)

Najwa, Tini (Rambut Ziana Zain ;p) & Moi

Sunday: Hmmm tengok tv the whole day while trying to come up with a guest list. My parents when back to kampung so my sis and I had the whole house to ourselves

Monday: Home Improvement Project :) We went to Sunway to watch "Underworld:Rise of the Lycan" (the movie was ok-ler) Most of the shops was closed so no shopping for me :)

Tuesday: Home Improvement Project Part II + merajuk+ nervous breakdown session Part IXXX (ahahahah) we came up with a guest list for friends and lepas tu pergi Mydin. We wanted to get some last minute wedding stuff. Pastu went to eat rojak for dinner *yummy*

Apa lagi? Now tengah pening thinking about my guest list. My dad is limiting my invitation to 150-200 people max . So I'm bound to miss out some people, so if I accidently miss out your name, do remind me ok :) Just come with or without the card...

Seriously I'm in that crossroad of wanting everything to be over and done soon but at the same time wanting to prolong the "preparation" stages. Whatever, I have 2 assignments to handover next week and other wedding details to work on *sigh*

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