Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day :)

Thank god it's Friday.
But I don't think I'll have one of those relaxing weekend. There is just so much to do :p
Mother's Day Special
Mother's Day is this weekend. Have you prepared/bought anything special for your mum? I think most of us take our parents for granted most of the time. Since we are always "too busy" to pay attention to our mother on normal day, at least take some time to lavish her this weekend with lots of love and gifts. Trust me whatever it is you are going to do, it won't even be close to a fraction of what you mother have done for you.
As I grow older, I begin to see how much my parents have sacrifice so that my sister and I will always be happy. Growing up we might not have everything as compared to some of my other friends, I wasn't decked from head to toe designer clothes, get driven around by chauffeurs in expensive cars with 1K allowance per month, but my parents make do with what we have. The best part is my parents ALWAYS make time for us and give us all of their attention (sometime too much). We were taught from young to always believe in our abilities, work hard for what we want and respect other people.
Not to say that my mum never drove me crazy (she still do FYI ;p) but I know she got my best interest at heart. For example, she always expect GREAT & PERFECT EXAM RESULTS. If you balik rumah with 80/100 for your test, don't expect her to be jumping with happiness lah, I don't think she's even impressed (hahaha) I pernah balik with a CPGA of 3.93, she just told me "ok.. good job". One of my younger cousin who is doing the same course got her results last semester, and she only acquired 3.00 and my mum boleh puji dia pandai. Hahahah my sister and I was dammed pissed and complained. She told us, to her we will always be of a different standard. She have given us everything "mental and emotional support, opportunities, classes etc" so to her we have no reason whatsoever to know excel.
It's great to know that my mum believe in me THAT much but still can't help but feel geram and stress (hahaha). But I'm always thankful that I have my parents as my parents. Seriously could not ask for a better more loving albeit slightly neurotic mummy... hahahahhaha I love you mummy, thank you for carrying me in your tummy for 9 months, going through labour pains to have me, changing, feeding, teaching me, pushing me to always be a better person. If I can be half the mom that you are to me and Along, I would be thankful. That is HOW great I think you are :)
People People
I seriously don't understand why some people like to pretend that they are much important than they really are. Macam lah best friend sangat. Menyampah pulak but the worst thing is I sometime feel they are secretly stabbing me in the back (pelik kan orang macam nie) Always trying to make themselves SUPERIOR by putting you down :p Tapi suka hati kau lah kan... you must be secretly depressed in your life to be acting like that kan :p
Have a great weekend everyone :)
P/s: To all my mates... Happy Mother's Day. You are all great mum in the making (SERIOUSLY!!)

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