Thursday, May 14, 2009

In no mood to work due to Paula's bad judgement...

Danny Gokey is out and I blame it all on Paula and her awful choice of song. His rendition of "You're So Beautiful" was awesome! How nice if my hubby can sing like that *hahaha* Kris is okey-ler, the first song was crappy, but his version of "Heartless" was really good. My only problem with him is, his ATTITUDE. For the past 2 shows he looks macam takde confident, Sometimes bila orang puji - he look so shocked. I know you're a good boy/humble etc but you're selling a product which is YOURSELF, SO IF HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN HIMSELF, how does he expect people to believe in him??
For him to be against someone like Adam, with so much stage experience, *urrghh* He needs all the confidence in the world.
I don't think Adam is THAT GREAT. He is good,I do admit that but his experience may play a role in making him look like a HUGE SUPERSTAR. He is already comfortable in his own skin, he knows his limits, capabilities, technical bits etc. So for someone like Kris, Danny, Alison, Matt etc who is just getting to know their "talents" it may be a bit harder for them to catch up. I do pity them
I have no problem if Adam Lambert win American Idol. He deserve it but I do think Simon have been OVERLY ENDORSING him, which is very unfair to the others especially when PEOPLE usually listen to him *sigh*
But than again, we never know what is going to happen next week. Danny's fan was seen pledging their support for Kris. There is also some Adam Hater who swears to bring Adam down, coz his singing drives their dog crazy (hahahah extreme much) So the votes can go either way, stay tune folks....
Am going home to watch Danny *sigh*
P/S: On a lighter note tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!! wonder if hubby is planning to sooprised me with any fun stuff :)


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Happy Birthday to the bestest friend in the whole wide world!

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