Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The one with a little of this and that....

Lifelong Dream
My lifelong dream is to not work, stay at home and become a tai-tai.
hahaha tough luck for this particular dream to come true.
Current Nightmare
  • The never ending back ache due to the totally non-ergonomic office chair.
  • Laziness/ Sleepiness/ Tiredness due to the lack of motivation to work.
Birthday Plans/Gifts
  • I wanna go on a short trip with hubby but don't know where... somewhere near would do... PD/Genting/Bukit Tinggi? Malas nak travel.
  • I decided not to get a new designer bag as planned this months as I'm saving for something more significant... It pays to be patient :)
  • Hubby got me some early bday prezzie : a new pair of diamond earrings, a cute handbag and a new top. Me love love it :p
  • Daddy is getting me aircond. Weird bday prezzie kan? but I don't care, I've been complaining that it's been soo warm/hot for the past few weeks and I sleep with two fans, so he told me that he'll give me the $$ to install the aircond at our place as my bday prezzie. I know I'm spoilt rotten, and I thank Allah everyday for such great parents hahahha but rezeki jangan ditolak, right?
  • Mummy is giving me $$$ so that I can get some much needed stuff
  • Sis already got me a new wallet but I haven't received it yet
  • ohhh and the perfume from Cath - Covet by SJP
  • All in all such a great haul, and it' s not even my birthday yet.... hahahhahahahahah
Birthday Wishlist :p
No visual wishlist this year as my pc is still unable to upload pics and I have to blog via email...
  1. Coach Ivory/Navy Leather Bonnie Bag- It's so cute
  2. New Scarfs from Tie Rack - colourful, rainbow inspired, pastel coloured scarf
  3. Whimsical clutches - Think Flapper girl clutches under the Betsey Johnson line... heheheh
  4. Cute flats- open-toe/ patent leather preferred :p
  5. Long necklaces - silver/bronze with cute pendants i.e. butterflies/fairies etc (other than that please don't get me more accessories this year)
  6. Books that develop minds :p hahahahaha
  7. Loads and loads of $$$$ - hahahah I accept cash and money transfer via M2U
  8. Holiday Package....
  9. A new car.....
  10. A new house....
ok lah the list dah start being nonsensical so I'm going to stop now......

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