Monday, May 25, 2009

Why do I have to work again??

It’s one of those MOANdays again, where you can’t be arsed to do anything. It was such a challenged to wake up today, dreading the fact that I had to face the 1 hour drive to work and traffic jams.

I need more weekend time to laze around, boss hubby around (huhu) and do nothing (don’t everybody? Hehe)

Well I choose to not brood over things that I can’t change.

Anyway, this post may seriously be overdue but I just have to blog this out :) My BDAY celebration with hubby was fun. Didn’t do much just lepak2 but at least I get to spend some quality time with Lan. On top of the prezzie he already got me, he sponsored my shopping spree for the day *yeah* Had my Birthday dinner with my family on Saturday. Lepak2 at home in Klang for the whole week.

I got a new wallet from Liz Claiborne from my sister, a whole load of $$$ from daddy for my air-conditioner (good news: there is even some leftover $$$ to spend) and 2 new clutches from Nina and Reebok *wee*

Hmmm… for this week instead of our usual Friday night date, Lan and I opted to go home to Klang on Friday because I don’t want to be stuck at home alone while hubby is off playing futsal with the boys. I spend my 2nd night away from hubby since we got married (the first time was during my exam week) Plus side: I got the bed all to myself (heaven) Downside: No one to bug myself to sleep. Hubby did come over first thing on Saturday with my yummy meehoon from Kedai Depan. Nasi Lemak & Meehoon Kedai Depan ni legendary for the MGS-ian. Still good and CHEAP after all this while. Later we had dinner with the in-laws. Sunday was spend cleaning the house (yang still tak kemas2 lagi satisfactorily) and manage to slot in some lepak time with Reebok

Ohhh we did manage to do some “prezzie shopping” for all my friends who is getting married in May/June and we went to the FJ Benjamin Warehouse sales in Centro Klang. There is a lot of Guess, GAP, Raoul merchandise. I managed to get a tweed pants from Guess and Lan also got some pants from Banana Republic at a reasonable price. I got so irritated with the crowd that I persuaded Lan to leave early (serious saya benci bersesak2 tak kisah lah how cheap the stuff are) other than that my weekend was pretty much uneventful


You know what I realized? We tend to be more careless with other people news/secret than our own. It is so irritating sometimes. We assumed that if we are in the other person place we will do such and such in a certain way or manner. When are we going to realized that we are responsible for our actions and not others. So don’t assume that everybody will react the way you do.

PLEASE also do not expect people to put up with our bullshit because we are friends etc. It is funny how we expect to be treated nicely by our friends when we can’t even practice the same courtesy ourselves. KARMA is a bitch baby, don’t wait until it nipped you in the arse before learning to respect others.

Just a reminder to myself on this Monday Morning (and maybe also to the others)

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