Monday, May 4, 2009

Testing... Testing

How annoying!
I can't seem to update my blog at work ( I don't think I'm even SUPPOSED to update my blog at work) but I feel like posting so I'm trying the blog email feature.
Hmmm... Last week was a bit crazy with exams, "happenings" and work, but the exams really took a toll on me. It was damn tiring having to juggle a million things at once. But I guess it's normal, I'm always a bit more "cuckoo" during exams.
Had a longgggg weekend. Was away the whole of last week except for Wednesday ( but I was too busy with meeting the whole day) Went back to Perak on Thursday night to visit Lan's grandparents. Lan and I drove by ourselves tailing my f.i.l from behind. Not much ongoing, had fun visiting the oldies but had to leave a bit early as we had already booked our "mini honeymoon" suite in Sheraton Subang during the weekend.
The 3 days and 2 night was well spent together-gether. It is just so good to have hubby all to myself without other people, work/housework and other craziness around. I know this sound a bit weird since we're living together but the feeling is different. Both of us is just so busy esp. on the weekdays. We'll get back from work, cook dinner, do a bit of housework and in my case the additional assignment, talk in between and than go to bed. During the weekend, it will be one stuff after another, going back to Klang, running back to the in-laws, more housework and the occasional movie date (if we're lucky that there is no "compulsory" kenduri to attend that weekend). Sometimes you barely have the time to breathe when you realised that the weekend is over :p
You don't have much time to have those silly discussion because there is a lot of more important stuff to discuss (like work, exams, bills etc). At least we had the chance to get away from everything and everyone just to be together.
I got a new niece a month back and only yesterday did I get the chance to meet Ms Dareen Darfeenah ( I think that is the spelling lah) She is so adorable, fair and rambut tersangatlah lebat. Her sister Kamelia who is going to be 2 this May 14th  is suffering from the "older sister blues". She'll get so jealous if any one of us is paying attention to her baby sister. She was giving me the evil eye the whole time I was carrying Dareen (serious lawak). She have even taken to hitting the sister's head with a bottle everytime her mummy is feeding the baby. Her other aunties are trying to help her channel her anger by buying her a new doll which she "dera" every chance she got. Dahlah bossy nak mati with her daddy. My sis and I had to crazily bribe her with toys, 2 boxes of milo, fishes and turtles before she would even warm up to either of us. Apalah Kamelia nie :p
I ask my mum, if my sister use to bully me like that. My mum answered " Along selalu ketuk dengan botol sebab tu lah adik pandai". Geram betul lah!!
You know the feeling when you have something to tell but don't want to tell anyone because you feel like they will spoil things for you? or feeling like the news is so special that you don't want to share it with anyone? do you? do you? well whatever.
I'm bored. Need to go do something "productive" will post pictures from the weekend when I have the time. Adios Amigos!


Ms.WifeY said...

far!!i can sense ur 'news'..hehe :)

~f@R~ said...

hahah cubaan memancing yang bagus :p

Ms.WifeY said...

congrats!!!so happy for u :))) hehe.dont worry,it's never too early nor too late!