Monday, May 11, 2009

Here and There...

I LOVE this MiuMiu dress...So adorable eh? pair it with a pair of skinnies, plain scarf, flats and the Mulberry Bayswater bag (in purple *sigh*) and you'll be all set to go. The only problem is the dress is probably all sold out by now as it is from the SS2008 line. Like that is the only problem :p The price of the dress would probably be over RM500. Heheheheeheh maybe I can check out F21 - they usually have designer knock off in their line.

I've been finding for a perfect black open toe flats for the past 3- 4 months. It's irritating, I can't find one that is cute, versatile, comfy and stylish. The "stylo-mylo" ones is usually not comfy. The ones that are comfy is usually so "auntie" and "yawn-worthy". I'm still contemplating the one from Clarks. Comfy = check, versatile & cuteness factor = check. The only thing that is missing is that X-Shoe-Factor that makes you wanna drool.

You know like this pair of "fierce" purple studded heels. The "boring" shoes is RM286. The "faboosh" heels is RM160. Common sense will tell me that I do not need another pair of heels that I will only wear 3 times a year. What I NEED is a sensible pair of flats that could be used again and again and again. But this is just one of the instances where mind and heart does not agree. So I'm putting my shoe hunt on the backseat for the moment.

Crazy Weekend...
This weekend was crazy but fun! Last Saturday, I was out from morning till night.
Went to Dani's Akikah in the afternoon. Later Ina, Reebok and Iza came over to my place to lepak. Iza was there for a while but Ina and Reebok stayed until 6pm-ish. We chatted, gossiped and laugh like crazy. Had so much fun and we are even planning on a short trip together2 end of July. We'll see how that work out :)
After Maghrib instead of going straight home to Klang, we had to go to Subang to get mummy's and mak's mother's day present. Since it was already late I did my "speedy gonzales" shopping. Trying to buy a handbag and watch in 1 1/2 hours is CRAZY.
Reached Klang around 10pm. I was deadbeat- letih :p
Sunday: We celebrated Mother's day by having breakfast together2. Pastu a bunch of people (i.e daddy's friend) came over, Had to layan for a bit before going back to Jalan Kebun. Lan's mum like her prezzie. So I'm happy :p 
Urgghh I had a taste of sibling drama yesterday. Tak drama pun but the girls and my younger bro in law was around and they were fighting over the remote. Dahlah semalam panas ( I think it's true when they say heat bring out your inner aggression) sebab they were all arguing on top of their lungs NON STOP for over 2 hours. Serious geram! I guess I'm just not used to all the "rebut2" nie.
Pastu balik rumah.... tido :p hehehehe

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