Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Shopping Gets Me Hopping :)

Geramnya tengok gambar baby2 comel :) Baby cepatlah keluar, I want someone cute to play with too (but don't take it literally ok, you are only allowed to come out after 37 weeks tau :p)

Lan and I went browsing for baby's stuff last week in Mid Valley/Garden. Baby's stuff is just too cute, feel like buying everything just for the sake of it. I remembered going into Baby Gap and saw the cutest rainbow coloured cardigan with matching lilac Mary Jane's. Serious excited tak tentu pasal coz the shoe seriously look like mine...

Me: B, best kan if we're having a baby girl. You'll have a mini me.
Lan: Nope, we're having a boy.
Me: (pouting) but don't you wanna have another mini me around? I can play dress up with the baby
Lan: (Muka serious (kerek) and tak bersalah) Nope... nanti takde space nak simpan baju you and baby

*Urrgghhh* Anyway Lan and I agreed not to go baby shopping until after the detail scan. To tell you the truth, I rather wait till my 6-7 month to start shopping (just a little personal superstition thingy that I have going on) My mum kalau boleh want to start buying everything now due to the shopping carnival. We shall see how thing goes...

Planet Enfant in Mid Valley is having promotion on the Quinny+ Maxi Cozy travel set that Lan and I wanted for the period of the sales. They even have this real cool baby nursery package which consist of cots, peg-perego high chair, quinny + maxi travel system, jungle gym etc ranging from RM3k to 5k.

I guess when you buy things in bulk it is cheaper, but seriously malas nak beli by next month esp. since we haven't finish preparing the nursery. Knowing the Malaysian sales situation :Raya, Deepavali & Xmas sales , so I doubt there is much difference in pricing pun....

Since I won't be staying in Shah Alam during my confinement period, decorate awal2 pun nanti berabuk. There's another reason why I'm delaying my "room improvement project" but rather not say until it's confirmed.I wanna go home lah... Tomorrow is SC Fundae Family Day... so hope to have some fun despite having to wake up early :)

Have a good and safe weekend everyone *muackz*

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Sha said...

you and lan very cute lah