Monday, November 23, 2009

22 November 2009

Occasion : Kenduri Doa Selamat Baby & Along's Engagement Ceremony

: My Crib (technically it's my parents house) in Klang

Mood : EXHAUSTED but fun and memorable

Activities :Bossing people around, eating, gossiping, menghalau pesky cousins out of my room, and answering repeated question on my due date, baby gender, weight gain dll.

Let the pics tell the story lah. Still tired from yesterday's event :)

Thank you cards. Of course i HAVE to prepare an additional favor for my ceremony

Thanks hubby for helping with the preparations

I'm obsessed with my niece lah. She's so cute and well behave.

Darin senyum sinis. Paksu muka panic dukung baby :p

Along with her future mum in law (so over senyum ;p)

Serious rasa my sis gedik gila waktu nie... hahahahha

So busy this is the only pic I got to take with hubby for the day :p

With abang Aznan: Latest addition to the family by June 2010 *insyaallah*

With Reebok, Rajoo and Juju. After close to 3 hours worth of gossip session. Geram Rajoo nampak kurus in this pic (optical illusion -hahah tak puas hati)
Thanks guys for coming :)

Anyway that's all for tonight. Will update more once I find the time. Much to my dismay, my so call "free period" is short lived. Work is insane at the moment but despite it all I'm actually enjoying it because of the new things I'm learning. Adios Amigos...


Ms.WifeY said...

hey mama birdie!!so nice la the gifts n cards!!sorry sgt tak dpt dtg,i missed the cuppies:( huhu..congrats to your along too,she looked so happy:) take care!

~f@R~ said...

thanks darls... no problem there's always the akikah... can bawak nia jumpa geng baru :)