Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of Sr & Jr...

I’m on a blogging rampage this week. I have a bit more free time this week because I’m spending my lunch time in the office.

Anyway, baby update time. I’ve gained 9.6kg so far. Beanie is in his 34 weeks going to 35 and currently weight 2 kg (comel dan tembam) I’m relieve coz he has passed the minimum weight requirement (i.e. insyallah he will not be born underweight) Tapi janganlah gain too much weight ok sayang :) Kesian mummy nanti. Hehehehehe

Doctor was able to detect Beanie’s testis already, and he’s doing fine. I’m ok too despite having terrible bouts of heartburn for the past few days (well nothing much can be done about it anyway). Mengikut pantang orang tua, the more heartburn you get the more hair the baby would have, so I shall suffer a bit for Beanie's vanity. But even if you turn out bald mummy will still love you branches and branches... heheheh

Alhamdullilah other than the heartburn and the minor swelling on my feet, I’m doing fine. I’m still up and running (shopping?)

Last week was my first baby checkup without hubby. Hubby had to work and can’t take leave. It’s not his fault and I know he would have been there if he could (Lan have been there for every check up & pre natal classes) so I don’t really blame him. But couldn’t help feeling a bit down (biasalah emo je lebih).

I’m currently obsessed with my hubby (I think its normal; p) I have to have him around me or I’ll be very agitated. I’ll be like “we don’t spend enough time together” and he’ll reply “errkk you see me every day???” He must think I’m nuts but I don’t care (hahaha)

I really really want to go for my babymoon but having a hard time to convince hubby. I gave him a “scare” 2 weeks ago and now he refused to go anywhere beyond KL with me. But I know he thinks it’s a bit silly to book a room in a hotel around KL, so I’m still trying to convince hubby.

Endless Baby Shopping…

I got my Madela Swing B/P + the Citystyle BP bag from Robinsons. The price for both is quite cheap even as compared to getting it online, so I’m HAPPY. I also got Beanie this 2 adorable jumpsuit from Tiny Thots. Quite pricey in my opinion but I can’t help myself it’s just too adorable.

I found daddy's transformer :)

Should I drive the Mercedes or BMW today?

I got several kind offers for Beanie’s gift. To tell you the truth I’ve gotten 98% of the things in my list, so not much left “useful” things to get. Someone suggested for a list similar to the one I had for the wedding. Tengoklah if I rajin :)

Gotto go finish my presentation. See ya later alligator.


Sha said...

I love the babysuit. They should make one for adults

~f@R~ said...

I was thinking of the exact same thing. I love the girly girl ones.