Monday, November 16, 2009

Mummy Social :p

Date: 14 November 2009
Venue: Schokolart, Mont Kiara
Occasion: Bored and feel like socializing :)
Photo Credit: Juju 3k Cam, Suja & My old trusted Cannon :p

Yummy Desert @ Great Company :)

With my personal bodyguard: Mamat Sr.

From Aussie with LOVE: Thanks Aunt Juju

With Reebok, Aimi, Uda and Farisa

Doing what we do best :)


Sha said...

Looking good mummy. I love your AD dress too

~f@R~ said...

Thanks darls pujilah lagi :) hehehe

Jucci Jucci said...

ohh. i love the caption doing what we do best :P and i love the jumpsuits(salah post ke ni?) haha

~f@R~ said...

hahahah post jumpsuit ada di atas... but i got your pujian nevertherless... thanks...