Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Bonanza (Part 1)

Event: Securities Commission 2009 Annual Dinner
Date : Friday the 13th November 2009
Venue: One World Hotel, Damansara
Theme : 1950's
Verdict : Awesome

Out of the 3 SC Annual Dinner I've been so far, I think I had the most fun yesterday. Didn't win anything (also another first). Wardrobe planning was a bit of a nightmare, because I can't make up my mind on a suitable outfit. To tell you the truth I have tons of 1950's theme appropriate (but of course non-fit me anymore)

Anyway I had a great time getting ready (fave part of any event). A bit of a boost to confidence exercise :p Can't help it sometimes, esp when you're so huge and all over the place hehehee.. '

I'll blog more a bit later on other stuff. Shall leave you with some pics from A.D. More in FB I supposed :)

With the gals : Geram pakcik baju merah enter frame

1950's Tukang Kilat Kasut

Our Romantic Beca Ride: I'm so heavy the beca tilted to my side :p

Amy Mastura was the performer of the night & Rashid Salleh was the MC. Both were very entertaining. I enjoyed it very much :)

I like this photo despite the mata kecik. Saya rasa saya look sweet hahahahah

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