Monday, November 9, 2009

Presents anyone???

It’s that time of the year again… present time…

I’m currently actively hunting for birthday, wedding, newborn and xmas presents. As if present hunting is not stressful enough I have to do it within a dateline in mind. 6 more weeks to go to Beanie’s expected due date (give and take I might be 2 weeks early: p)

Sweetstuff volunteered to get my stuff from online US websites and delivering it to me. I already took her on her offer once and ordered some baby stuff and a new Vera Wang Hobo. Initially I wanted to get this stylo mylo diaper bag, but hubby sneered at the picture, so I cancelled the order and choose a bag for me instead (hahaha) Tapi murah je because they were having sales (Hubby is reading this so I better emphasize on the MURAH part)

So now I’m deciding on whether I should order stuff online or go present hunting in flesh (haha) not much time and on a limited budget: p I need to prioritize, I guess. Beanie, I’m so jealous of you, getting all this cool new stuff and making me feel extremely guilty every time I make unnecessary purchases.

It’s a total 180 degree turn from being the one who is always on the receiving end to the one giving.I guess that is one change I have to make. I can imagine the attention you’ll be getting from your atuk & wan. I was told that if you want any indication on how your parent would treat your child, times 2 the attention that they usually give you and your siblings. *hmmm* If that is true, I guess you’ll be receiving A LOT of attention from everyone, everyday and all the time. I can feel you kicking in agreement. Suka lah tu: p

SC 2009 Annual Dinner is this Friday. The theme? 1950's. My dresses are ready for both the dinner and my sister’s engagement. I like the engagement dress better (so flow-y I feel like a princess... hahah) but the dinner dress is ok-ok lah… I guess when you’re 8 months pregnant, you don’t have that much option. I wanted to wear the dress with my killer nude 4inch stiletto, but my leg look so fatso in it, so will have to make do with my 2inch wedges instead. Don’t really feel like going shoe shopping at the moment. Anyway I’m making hubby wear all black and his fedora (he insisted on buying one a few months back for god knows what reasons, so he better put it to good use now)

Anyway this are the shortlisted items of things that interest me. Shall put it in my wishlist, maybe I'll get it for myself if my bonus this year is satisfactory :) or manalah tau hubby is secretly planning to give me a "delivery present". Ingat tak apa ustaz kursus kahwin tu cakap "bila visit wife after labour nanti, don't come empty handed but come bearing gifts i.e. gold, diamonds etc" hahahah hey words from a very wise and religious man, husband out there should really take note :)..

Mummy's wishlist

Bags from Micheal Kors : Love this purple satchel

So Ular Sawa and cool :)
Betsey Johnson Satchel : Simple but adorable

For my little one: Kingston Rossdale inspired (who says you can't get cute stuff for baby boys?)

Kenneth Cole Jacket Set : Cute but not practical. But serious mini James Dean :p

Everyone looks cute in a bunny outfit :)

Polo bodysuit. This is quite cheap due to the Patriot Day sale :)
*Awwww* cute baby shoes :) heheheh

Ideas for gifts???

I love this Victoria Secret gift sets. They usually have cool xmas set. I bought one last year and love it esp. the body mist. It's cheaper than buying it in Malaysia.

I think I'll continue browsing and salivate. Nak kena save duit for next year *alhamdullilah* we're on to some very good news. Will blog more on this once I received a black and white confirmation. Rezeki baby I think :)


Anonymous said...

hahahah the mini leather jacket is so cute

Sha said...

Kingston Rossdale? or Sean Kingston... hahahahah

~f@R~ said...

Romeo Beckham, Levi's anak Mathew (I can't spell his surname) & Sarah Jessica Parker's son :)