Thursday, July 29, 2010

The one on headbands

I have a thing for headbands... The craze started way before Gossip Girls. My love for Blair only intensify the obsession... Headbands are the only accessory in my book that is low maintenance in terms of outfit matching...

Bangles are usually too big for my hand, rings get in the way and necklaces can be tricky... so I usually opt for headbands :) I have a whole box of headbands that I plan to hand down to my daughter someday (along with my shoes, bags and wedding dress)

I love ones with blings :) like the one I wore for my hen night

Love them turban style

even the one from pasar malam can make you look good

you can wear two at once...

or go for a single combo, for a more subtle demure look (like real)

Medium size headbands but with metallic gold colour can add zing to any outfit

Put on a YELLOW headband for the POP effect

or go for the impossibly large PINK ones to a special event

She made it look so effortless kan :)
The reason for this long post is that I've fallen in love with several headbands from S*erena & S*hentel. It's way more affordable than those headbands by J*ennifer Behr that Blair can be seen parading around but it's still pricey..Considering that I'm now wearing tudung exclusively (as compared as to"once in a while" as b4 haha) it's a bit of a waste to spend all the $$ for headbands no matter how gorgeous it looks...
Maybe just one... or maybe two.... we'll see... hahahah

G O R G E O U S and OTT - just like me... hahaha

Need I say more? nice rite?


DyanaBangs said...

headband , so Blair Waldorf !
Kakna sekarang kena stock on shawls lah pulak !

~f@R~ said...

hahaha stock shawl banyak je.. nak ke tak nak iron and pakai je :p i need tukang gosok @ home

Sha said...

Buy or you'll be sorry later

Izyan Darling said...

i love wearing headbands also but i only have a few and most of my headbands are the thin ones. i'd love to wear the OTT ones but i'm afraid it might make me look weird, for example if there's a huge peacock feather on it or a huge ribbon on it. i think it looks like that thing is plastered to my head. :|
however, Blair made it look so stylish, kan?

~f@R~ said...

Sha: Little devil

Izyan: I think you'll need a huge dose of self confidence to carry out the OTT headbands kan? I pakai sekejap pastu bukak sebab self concious :p