Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A picture worth....

Lately I find that Ryan spend more than an hour during the weekends watching TV. We don't subscribe to Astro's Cartoon Channels so his TV viewing is limited to Channel 618-Baby TV. Instead of letting him slum, I sometimes persuade him to join in the activities on TV. For example if the babies are dancing to the "hokey pokey" I'll make him mimic the actions too so he don't watch tv for the sake of watching alone.

Other than Cars CD's (which he can only watch during the weekend or if he manages to con atuk to play it in the evening), the daily 6.30pm Upin and Ipin, and one Elmo or Iqra' video per day,I've totally banned him from watching other form of non-educational cartoons (i.e. Ben10, Spongebob, Ultraman etc).Yes, I'm anal like that, but after reading an article about how fast paced cartoons esp Spongebob Squarepants can contribute to learning disorder later during childhood, Lan and I decided it is better to be safe than sorry (usaha & tawakal, I guess)

Anyway to distract him from the TV, I've decided to teach Ryan how to draw (doodle) and at the same time improve my own drawing skills. I bought this How To Draw book from MPH which cost a mere RM19.90, an art block and armed with a box of crayons started our art lessons with this :p

Drew some sea creatures for Ryan to colour :p

I'm supposed to draw within some boxes as a guide, but I'm lazy so I copied the pictures free hand instead.

Yes my tiger looks a bit cacat but identifiable la :p

Ryan's trying to improve on my work of art :p

He don't allow me to guide his hand to help him draw/write. So I'm letting his creativity run free for the moment. One of our shared traits is we don't do things well "procedurally".

Other plus points?? learning how to draw is a great mummy and baby bonding activity :p


Mami Illysha & Iris said...

tolong lukis & faxkan kat akak..

~f@R~ said...

haha lukis apa?
kalau kak ira nak gambar pets for colouring upload online lagi cun :)

Mami Illysha & Iris said...

almaklum, kalau nak akak yg lukis, rumah yang 4 segi pun belum tentu nampak macam rumah!

~f@R~ said...

Eleh Far pun boleh draw skit2 je, suruh lukis yg complicated sikit mesti hancur, nasib baik Ryan tak pandai kutuk lagi :)

Anyway this is the website I was talking about for free printable coloring pages http://coloring-page.com/