Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of Travel and Heartburn...

2 ½ more days and we’re off to Jakarta for the weekend. I still haven’t start packing despite the fast approaching date. The big headache is of course to pack for Ryan. I’ve already got Lan running around Klang to get his medication and stuff, should we forget the less important items we can always buy them later. Oh well I still have the checklist we used during our Umrah trip, packing wouldn’t be so bad as long as I start tonight: p

I should quit complaining about packing and enjoy my last trip overseas for the next 1-2 years. Just the thought of travelling on the airplane with two babies and a toddler send shivers down my spine (hahaha) Not only would it be more expensive, the travel arrangement would be a NIGHTMARE (luggage/strollers /screaming children etc), unless I can convinced my parents to tag along (like that would take much work) but we shall cross that bridge when the time comes.

I’m excited but also a bit nervous to be travelling while I’m 26 weeks pregnant *insyallah* hopefully, all would be fine. We’ve gone for my 6 months checkup the day before Raya and alhamdullilah both the babies and I are doing great *alhamdullilah*. I managed to gained 2kgs which 1 kg goes to the babies.

Baby A – Little Gummy weigh around 540g while Baby B- Si Gumpy who is younger but heavier weighs around 620g. Gumpy is still in a transverse cuddly position right on top of my tummy, which explains the weight. I’m a bit worried over the babies position but Dr De.laila assured me that as long as one baby is in an engaged position (Little Gummy) I still have a chance to go for normal delivery *insyallah* She assured me that there’s no need to worry about it (yet) as I still have at least 14 more weeks before we need to make that decision.

As for the sex, Gumpy is still uncooperative as my little munchkin kept on crossing his/her leg. However doc did make an assessment and their sexes are……………… (try again later, I will not reveal until I’m like 80% sure of BOTH of the babies sexes :p) Anyway I know enough to be able to shop in Jakarta and Bandung. I remembered going to the Babies Warehouse in Bandung and salivating when I was single, Imagine now with 3 kids I can seriously do real damage (Hopefully hubby can exercise my self control for me hehe)

Anyway my heartburn is getting worse. It was as bad when I was pregnant with Ryan (my one big pregnancy *yuckz*) I’m comforted by the fact that studies have shown that the hormone that creates baby hair causes the heartburn. As for the accuracy of the research, I suffered from bad heartburn and Ryan was born with a full set of hair. Whatever la kan, as long as the babies are healthy botak pun takpe :)

Posting some pics from Raya. Will post more pics from the camera soon once I can find the time to edit them.

My handsome boy :)

Ryan and Mummy

Lounging at Wan Sue's House :)

Ryan loves his watermelon *sigh*

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Nada Fal said...

I am in my 24th week and since my second month heartburn has been my constant tragedy :-) lets hope my twin have hair!