Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jakarta/Bandung Family Trip

During the Malaysian Day weekend we managed to squeeze a short family trip to Jakarta/ Bandung. Good timing coz I don't think I'll be able to go anywhere out of Malaysia for the next 6 months (at least) :p

@LCCT waiting for the plane

@ the LCCT and Jakarta Airport

@ Ashton Cengkareng Hotel Jakarta

Anyway we hired a driver to take us around for the 4 days in Jakarta. Pak Yunus is a bit blur but he's very nice and sweet.

Pictures of Ryan running around the hotel and watching cartoon network

(He's overly excited watching Dibo the Dragon for the first time - oh well at least Dibo is less annoying than Barney)

17/09/2011 - Day trip to Bandung.

We went shopping in Pasar Baru and several factory outlet in Jalan Dago (Rumah Mode ;p)

The factory outlet for babies sells quality clothing but at a very cheap price. Crazy shopping for Ryan and the babies :)

Check out the pic of our 2nd day purchase. Anyway had Ayam Penyet for lunch and really yummy nasi padang for dinner. The cumi masak lemak is drool inducing :)

18/09/09 - Monas National Monument Park, Jakarta

My dad insisted that we also go sightseeing instead of just plain shopping for the 4 days in Jakarta

Hahaha tapi sempat jugak borong this "customize" headband

Ryan the manace :p

"Mummy tu" Ryan pointing at this HUGE Police canine
If I wasn't holding him, he would have ran to the tree where the dogs are resting *sigh*

People are laughing and pointing at Ryan's mooleash :pI know they are comparing them to the doggies leash but who cares kan?
As long as my baby is safe

Ryan, Mak Long and Diddie (Daddy)

Family Part 1
Daddy duduk, Ryan pun kena duduk gak :)
Check out the hairband in his hand, believe it or not he was wearing it for a good 5mins in the park *sigh* He thinks it is ok for him to wear it because mummy wear headbands all the time

3 stooges
@ Manggadua, Jakarta. Previously we spend 3 hours in TanahAbang and another 2 hours in Manggadua.
By this point Ryan dah sangat cranky, Lan and Abang Nan dah give up and I have to admit my 26 months preggy legs dah bengkak kecik. So we persuaded my dad to cancel his sightseeing plans so that we can go back to the hotel to rest :p

Dinner at Carrefour Cengkareng
Managed to do more shopping courtesy of my mum and dad. I bought a gorgeous Indonesian jubah for RM30. Me like :p

19/09/11 - Bye bye Jakarta. See you again next time. Insyaallah ;
Note: Excuse the lack of pictures as we're all too busy shopping and layaning Ryan's antics :p


Sha said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

farah said...

Yang paling sronok of course lah en ryan daniel... dah ler dia yg dapat macam2... bila penat orang dokong.... bila dia tak penat ...dia dok lari.. orang lain pun lari sama...bila makan..yg paling buat sepah pun dia gak...heehehe... nasib baik lah anak buah mok kesayangan mak long kalau tidak.. mak long tinggalkan ajer :p... kekeke...

~f@R~ said...

Hehe yes Jakarta/Bandung is a shopaholic dream come true :)