Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Babies Dalam Peyut"

I had my 28 weeks checkup last week, Alhamdullilah everything is ok so far :)

I suffered from abdominal pains earlier last month. It was a cross between normal braxton hicks and real contraction pains. Obviously, I panicked as the pain was more pronounced than anything I've ever experienced while pregnant with Ryan. Lan dragged me to my other gynea in Klang (which thankfully open at night) and she told me that the pain is caused by my uterus having to strech more than usual to accommodate the twins.

Doctor D prescribed me some terbutaline to relax the contractions and so far it been working (no more painful contractions :) ) though there's other some minor side effect that I've got to cope with i.e. minor shakes in my hands and some flu like symptoms esp at night. I guess, I've to manage some of the discomforts for the sake of my lil munchkins.

Check out the amount of pills I have to swallow everyday :(

The other 3rd trimester discomforts that is slowly trickling in are major exhaustion at the end of the day, back pains, some swelling and of course my major enemy HEARTBURN. But since I'm more "experience" this time around, I managed to keep the pains at a tolerable level :) I go on with my normal activities, rest when I'm tired, eat moderately, go for pre pregnancy massages and am currently trying to increase my calcium intake. Since I can't stand milk on its own, I'm looking at alternative i.e. cheese, home made milkshakes, soy milk, milk with a bit of choc syrup etc.

When I'm not feeling too great, I'll try and keep myself busy. If I'm at home I'll distract myself with stuff like cleaning da babies room/things, playing games with Ryan and if the pain gets real bad I'll just force myself to sleep.If I'm at work - oh well I'll do whatever work I have la kan? hehe. I try to limit the moaning, bitching and feeling sorry for myself at a minimum. Negativity will only makes you feel worse TRUST ME :)

Anyway Gummy moved and is now in a transverse position like adik. So both twins are currently lying horizontally across mummy's tummy. I'm kinda nervous but doctor assured me there's still a chance that they babies will move to the right position. Oh well whatever procedure I have to go through, I will accept it as long as my little honeybunnies is delivered in good health *insyallah* :)

Speaking of good health Gummy is now 1.08kg while Gumpy is a 1.2kg. Their weight is on track and I'm crossing my finger that come the 32weeks checkup they'll be around 2kgs or more *insyallah*

Lan and I managed to get 80% of the babies stuff already. The rest we'll probably buy at the end of this month. However, there's still a whole load of cleaning to do at my house and my mum's house since I'll be spending my pantang there.

Ryan who seem oblivious to my pregnancy for the past months laid down next to me this morning and patted my belly. "Baby??" he asked and when I said yes and wanted to keep on talking about it, he started playing peekaaboo with me.I guess he's still not interested with his adiks :p


Mami Illysha & Iris said...

All the best yer far. Can't wait to meet d twin. Hi twin!!!!

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Kak Ira :) Far pun can't wait. Dah start nervous dah ni hehe

Izyan Darling said...

awww hang in there, Far! you are one tough momma! dengan nak jaga Ryan lagi, dengan carrying twins lagi. take care & have a good rest when time permits. :)