Monday, December 1, 2008

Baggie Gallore :)

There is this Malay custom, when the younger sister plans to get married before the older sister, the younger sister would need to give a token to the sister. Usually it's a simple gold band and "kain", if the sister is crazy and unreasonable they will ask weird stuff like a Plasma TV or a Car etc.

My sister is crazy but she is not unreasonable (hehehe) Anyway I think both of us have so much "kain" which have not been made into dresses that I don't see the point of getting her more. So I was browsing the internet and found the Anya Hindmarch X-Mas design for Target. I saw this really cool looking mock croc clutch at a reasonable price (*sigh* I still find it quite pricey but should be fine as long as I can "curi" it from her later..heheh) so I'm getting it for her along with a gold band

As I was planning to order, I accidentally pressed the WRONG button, lo and behold it brought me to another page and now I ended up buying a bag for myself too. Hahahha it'z just too cute to pass. My rationale is, I can barely afford the real thing and since I'm not a SNOB like some people (heheh) I'll settle with the unfake but non-designer version. Damn it, I deserve my Anya!! hahaha

It's classy but hip at the same time :) Me lurve it.. The review is kinda mixed, but I don't care, I love the design....

For my sis... more boring BLACK clutch... hehehehhe

Weekend was so-so. I went for my wedding dress fitting and I'm in LOVE. The dresses is simple but elegant. Me like it. The veil is not ready yet, but I will probably be able to pick up all my dresses by this week :) yeah! I can start my accessories shopping...

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twisted said...

hi there

i would like to know how u managed to get those AH for targets, coz ive been tryin to find a way to buy it and i dunno where to find it!