Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Mood!!!

My Genie in a Bottle look of the day :)

I have a very bad headache at the moment...
I'm trying to finish several end of the year project but my head is seriously killing me... Anyway am really irritated that "pay" is still not in yet *sigh* I'm kinda broke at the moment, with all the x-mas, annual dinner and wedding shopping....

I haven't uploaded the weekend picture. I will do it tomorrow or when I have the time :) The weekend was fun. We had our Annual Dinner 2009 on Friday @ Mandarin Oriental, it was so much fun hanging out with the Blue team ( a bit stress though due to some "management" issues) but it was ok in the end. Lan and I won the "table lucky draw" We managed to get a RM40 Chilli's voucher, so you know where we would be having our "weekend lunch" on Saturday :) I slept over at Reebok's house Friday night...
Saturday was fun. Pagi2 Reebok temankan pergi makan Nasi Lemak Gembira @ Section 3. I've been "mengidam-ing" this nasi lemak for the past 1 month, but ada ada aje, tak jadi makan.

After that I went out with Reebok, Iena and Lan to Pavillion. Best shopping :) I got a new Charles & Keith Bow Shoes, 2 Tops from Forever 21, Mac Loose Powder and a set of brushes from Elianto. We melantak makan first at Subway's pastu at Pepper Lunch. I can't find The Loaf *sad*

A few people commented that I lose weight *wee* I think it's becoz I've been going for dance practices, 2 hours per day for the past 3 weeks,It have been fun, I think I will continue my workout regime in the hopes that I will lose more weight for the wedding... Tapi like how Lan like to tease me, "lepas orang puji jer, you will eat, so people will puji you 3 bulan sekali jer..." hehehe
Quite true actually... am going to a "Secret Santee" dinner with the gals later @ BSC....*urgghhh* stop asking me out to lunch/dinner people... let's just go out for a walk in the park instead *like real* hahahahah

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