Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forgot what I wanted to say...

I got into trouble yesterday with Lan yesterday for buying the new A.H bag.

He didn't say much actually, but he did give me "that" look (you know the look that said "must we have THIS conversation again..)

Lan: Aren't you supposed to be getting new shoes?
Me: (dalam hati: hmmm... he's reminding me to buy shoes? sihat ke laki aku nie? heheh)
Shoes? what shoes?
Lan: Kasut yang you cakap, dah tak boleh pakai lah.. koyak lah... dah beli beg nie, pakai lah dengan kasut koyak you tu. You dah overspend this month gaji kan?
Me: (seperti biasa have to be cheeky) takpe, beg is only arriving end of the month, by that time dah ada kot new shoes to go with the new bag. Jom pegi makan TGIF ( cubaan memujuk)
Lan: Tak payah nak pujuk I with food (shucks: trick lama dah tak boleh pakai..hehe)

Anyway... what is done is done right? In my defence, I've been really good for the past 2 months, not buying unnecessary things. So I think I deserve a little treat for myself :)

I can't wait for tomorrow. Lan and I would be on leave and we're supposed to go scouting for my hantaran shoes and Lan's phone. I think I want to drag Lan to Pavillion. Tengok lah his mood :)

My jubah for annual dinner, is ready and I think it's awesome :) I decided to be all creative and stick diamante to the otherwise plain jubah. The result is great and I save close to RM100 for doing the beading myself. Anybody know where I can get ballet slippers? I'm planning on a DIY project for myself..hehehe

Ohhh... Last month, a salesperson in Diamond and Platinum gave me this idea, and it's stuck in my head. "CHARM BRACELETS". She was saying that instead of getting the normal bracelets or bangle, I may want to try something different.

She suggested getting a wide link white gold bracelet and getting pendant as charms. I totally LOVE her idea and I'm currently in search of the perfect (but cheap haha) bracelet. And as future BDAY/ANNIVERSARY present my hubby can add on to the charms on a yearly basis (start from one and will grow to ???) HINT HINT!! heheh

For a cheaper option, you can try the Thomas Sabo Charm Collection (http://www.thomassabo.com/) Price starts from RM39-RM449 (per charm/bracelet/pendant)

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