Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today is just not a good day.

Bad Day Rantings
  • I woke up late, was 15 minutes late for work
  • Ended up spending 20 minutes trying to style my new head scarf which still end up looking like crap
  • I think I've gained 100kg in a matter of 2 weeks (I'm far**ing OBESE)
  • I splattered Pizza Knots sauce all over my top during lunch
  • The lemonade cup that I bought bocor, so I only managed to drink 1/2
  • I have to go to class this evening and I'm so TIRED, SLEEPY & CRANKY. There is still no improvement on the status of my assignment :(

Wardrobe Disasters

  • I have to settle with really CRAPPY work clothes for the whole week :( Since I didn't pack my stuff properly last week, I ended up with an array of really boring baju kurung, 1 brown pants (of all colours) and 1 too tight black pants.
  • It took me 30 blardy minute to find an acceptable outfit for dinner outing last night. Thank god for the newly acquired top from F21 (a quick shop during lunch yesterday huhu) if not I would end up wearing Lan's t-shirt to OU. At least the food's good. We had dinner in SEOUL Korea BBq Buffet as a "wedding treat" from a friend.
  • I need a wardrobe upgrade due to a certain promise I make to my hubby :p Well the sale is on, anybody wants to be my shopping buddy? heheheh

*sigh* Maybe I'll leave a bit early, so that i can cooked up a batch of mac & cheese to go with the roast chicken in the fridge *yum*

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