Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Me Out of Here -Part Deux

Thank god, it’s Friday and naturally, I am not in the mood for work….

Pretty much expected from me especially with the thoughts of Bali looming so close is making me more unmotivated than usual. (Actually, I’m not that bad, I’ve been working hard for the past 3 days to complete report and evaluations, I just can’t make myself do any research at the moment especially on a topic as dry as commodity market)

Newsflash: I still have not completed my assignment due in 4 days *sigh* I seriously have nothing to write about and am in no mood to “goreng” serious tengah brain dead ni :p

Hmmm…. I’ve invited my sis-in-law for a sleepover tonight. I’m not sure jadi ke tak, but we’re supposed to watch a movie. “Upin & Ipin-Pengembaraan Bermula”. Serious tension: p My younger cousins have learn very early on, if you want their Kak Na to bring them to the movies, don’t make her watch movies like Cicakman, Cinta Kolestrol dll. I’m not against Malay Movies. Tak langsung tapi….Beri saya peluang menonton cerita2 berkualiti. Well I’ve heard rave reviews about them, so I’m hoping that I won’t be BORED TO DEATH.

Tentative Saturday Schedule:
8.00am: Make (buy) breakfast for the kiddies
10.00am: Send them home to Jalan Kebun
11.30am: Head of early to Bangsar for an “appointment”
12.00pm: Meet up with the gals (jadi ke nie?)
Dinner: Meet up with Lan & Yasser (ni pun jadi ke nie?)
10pm onwards: Finish assignment, not sleep until it’s done tak kisah

Tentative Sunday Schedule:
9.00am: Finish packing etc
12.00pm – 6.00pm: Balik Lan’s place
Dinner + Sleepover: Yeah balik Klang!!!

Tentatively will be sleeping over in Klang on Monday too, coz daddy is sending Lan and I to the airport on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Toodles

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