Monday, March 9, 2009

Reception Lan (080309)

Bertandang Ceremony @ Lan Place : Jalan Kebun, Klang

Alhamdullilah. The wedding ceremony is officially over. So on to the next chapter with our lives.

I'm currently in Shah Alam.Hubby finally managed to persuade me to spend the night here :( Yesterday after the "bertandang ceremony" is over and as all my family member was leaving, I felt so sad and LOST... There is a feeling of having to start all over, trying to make sure everybody is happy with you, impressing my "new family" trying not to step on other people's toe and most importantly SHARING (not my strongest suit) *sigh*

We usually take for granted the people around us. I think it's because deep down we know that no matter how badly we behave our parents will always love us :) No matter what happened. The same may or not apply with the in-laws.

Hahahah Anyway I have to start clearing up my stuff. There is a few boxes of clothes needed to be arranged, pressed and hanged. BORING :p I think Lan would probally drown me in my sea of clothes if I mentioned CLOTHES SHOPPING to him... Well there is always the fool proof way of hiding stuff in the back of the car (as demonstrated by lovely lovely friends -bad influence..haha)

Lan and I had our "first date" as married couple, this afternoon in Sunway Pyramid. I don't feel any different, sama jerk macam dating as always. We watched a movie (Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Lin - Tak best) had lunch in TGIF and bought house supply. Setting up a house is DAMN EXPENSIVE *sigh* Well gotto go, wanna help hubby clear the room.


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