Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic (Part IXX)

I went to OU with a mission yesterday. I was supposed to grab a bottle of VC from Guardian and pair of black flats for Bali. Suffice to say I ended up with more than a bottle of VC :)

I was walking up the escalator when I saw the word SALES stamped on the window of Noor Arfah, so I decided to drop and take a look. Lo and behold, a selection of scarf on 20% discounts. At first I wasn't planning to get anything but remembering by newly authorized "clothes budget" approved by hubby on Saturday due to a certain promise I made to him, I decided to get 3 new scarf (it was dirt cheap ok!)

Seriously, I was content... I went to Charles & Keith, Nine West & Aldo for my black flats but they have nothing to my fancy so I went up to check @ Vincci, Nose & Lewre still nothing to my fancy with the exception to one rainbow wedges yang too cute to pass on. It was also on sale, so I decided to get it (why not? cute, versatile, comfy, it's a must buy)

There was still loads of time, so I decided to check out F21, Just so happened I found a top that matches my shoe (It's a sign) it met all the criteria of hubby's terms and condition so what the heck right?

I did nothing wrong... Wasn't feeling guilty sikit pun....

I went back happy2, I decided to try all my newly acquired purchases before hubby came back from course, as I was being a total vain pot, I can hear the door opened.

What I should have done: Calmly put everything in the laundry basket and clean up later when hubby wasn't looking. Than opened the door with a smile and say, "Hi Baby, you're back"

What I did was: Opened the door while still wearing my new clothes, slam the door shut when I saw hubby, grab everything and stashed it on the upper cupboard, forgetting that it should never be opened when the fan is on, causing a whole load of racket (i.e. bam boom bang) totally arousing hubby's suspicion in which he decided to do a spot check and terkantoi kan diri sendiri. It was hilarious, rasa as if I was on some TV series, serious bodoh gila.

He looks at all the stuff I got; he asked for the TOTAL purchase price, ask me why I'm such a drama queen, pastu pergi tengok Simpsons. So not worth all the banging... He did passingly remarked though that since the wedges is so VERSATILE, I shouldn't need any new shoes for the next 4 months.

Hahaha I don't mind, because I'm totally lusting for a new wallet. The new MBMJ Long Purse in Saffron or Pink. I so want it badly but I need to save my $$$ for Bali and we've spend a lot of $$ already for the house, so no more unnecessary purchases for this month and for April :(

Maybe I can somehow persuade hubby to get it for me for my birthday... *sigh*



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