Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heart You :)

One thing I realized at the end of my akad nikah is that, the event would not have been as special/seamless/beautiful if it is not for my family & friends. I've thanked my family so this blog is especially dedicated to all the gorgeous ladies in my life :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming back all the way from Japan to be my maid of honour. You're the bestest friend a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for taking the trouble to be a part of my special day. Love love love you so much and we both love the prezzie...

Jessie Messy
I owe you tons babe. Thanks for teman-ing me since Wednesday, helping with the preparations and during the wedding. There is so much to say but I think we have come to a point where we don't need to say it, I guess you know how much you mean to me... heheheh can't wait for your time so that I can return the favour... hahahah

Sweetheart, mucho2s gracias for being there for me despite having TONS of assignments to finish. Love the pics *sigh* my darling unofficial photographer. Love ya loads...

*sigh* Baby love ya prezzie so much, will think of you everytime I make breakfast for my hubby (hahah) Thanks for coming early and "teman-ing" me make-up during akad nikah. Really hope that we can always be friends...

Kakak... if there is one person that I may need to thank for bringing Lan and I together itz you. You convince me to give him a chance :) I'm glad I took your advice.... (Hahaha you can use this point to rub it to Lan's face the next time he sees you)

Rajoo a.k.a YDPM a.k.a Najwa
Najwa, I know I always tease you but that does not mean that I don't love you...hahahah You'll always get an A for effort babe. Thanks for organizing me an EXCELLENT Hen Party, thanks for being the greatest parking attendant and thanks for being the caring and attentive friend that you are... hahahah jangan nangis2 lagi ok, I'll TRY not to CHANGE so much... hehehe

You're my first real friend in UITM, always the source of my laughter, Thanks so much for caring (walaupun kau selalu ala2 aku ego tak nak mengaku) Hehehe you made an excellent bridesmaid. *Insyallah* lepas ni you pulak... luy ya boobies...

My second bridesmaid. Adik walaupun kau berjaya bagi 2 je bunga telur I think you were great. Thanks for helping me with some of my preparations and datang for nikah walaupun sampai sesat2 and tak sihat. You look so pretty and ladylike with your new blondie style. Heart you loads babe...

Thanks darling for coming all the way and cuti to come for my akad nikah. Really appreciate the effort. Hope we will always be friends ok :)


cjx said...

love you too both of you heeheeh :)
its no trouble at all anything for my bess fren :p
ps - why everyone got nicknames but me *sob sob*

Ms.WifeY said...

fargu!!congrats n thanks for the sweet lil testi:)

i still remember the time u always went m.i.a during class sbb pg dating senyap2 dgn kismis n the stories u told me after ur first tut tut!!hahaha.glad dat u both end up together :)

i feel so guilty for not buying u a proper gift (yet).i'll make sure i buy it in the nearest future plus a proper card for me to write all the sweet2 things :p

mush n happy making babies!!

private crowd of Jucci said...

tetiba aku kecik hati. kau tak love aku :(

~f@R~ said...

CJX: errrm you want nicknames? well hmmm... you don't want me to actually write kuching bogel there do you? hahahah

Tinie: itz ok darling, we love the pillow case so much :) dah pakai dah kat rumah klang... so full with tadpoles already... hahah

Juju: of COURSE I LOVE YOU... ehhh i got you your bday prezzie aledi... jumpa nanti ok.. love love :)

youngest said...

far..im so happy 4 u..u deserve a happy ending with lan who i dont really like at first..sombong,wek!..but once i get 2 know him better..he's really a nice funny straightforward guy..
and looks like he's the perfect match 4 u..i wish all the best 4 u n lan..n i cant wait 2 c lil far or lan jr..anyway take care darling.. n luv ya always..insya Allah we'll b frens till da day we rest in peace..kim salam kat ley k..muackss! -najwa-