Tuesday, June 23, 2009


"Written by Eve Ensler, The Good Body is a poignant and hilarious look at the secret lives of women who have to deal with Botox, bulimia, breast implants and stomach tucks "

I had a great time watching the show. It's funny but also touching at the same time. It really draws an attention to the relationship most women have with their body. You know the whole "love hate relationship" We are rarely thankful with what we have, we will covert for thing we never have. We are always too tall, too fat, too short, too skinny etc

I've seen perfectly gorgeous women tear themselves to pieces just because they are not carbon copies of the models in magazines. I know I do that all the time :) We always find fault in ourselves, rarely do we celebrate our uniqueness. I guess that is something we have to worked on ourselves. I would not say that the script is entirely original and a total eye opener but it is still a great and enjoyable show.

Do watch it. I think it was RM65 well spent :)

@ Decanter's : Dinner before watching the show

Playing Scrabble too kill time : we were really noisy....hehehheh

With Jean & Sher (Nina & Nicole not in the pic)

Part 2: @ Malacca Bandaraya Bersejarah

@ Dataran Pahlawan/Bandar Hilir

Jalan-jalan carik makan

Cam-whoring while waiting for mum & dad

@ Pantai Klebang. Thanks to Izzah we (Lan) actually end up queing for 20 minutes to get the coconut shake. It was quite good actually. Cooling and refreshing :)

Saturday:Went back to Malacca to visit my grannies. We visited my Nek Mah in Ujung Pasir and spent the rest of the weekend in Mak Long's house with Nek Jah and my cousins. It was really fun. Food was good. Serious makan banyak gila. Nek Jah cooked her famous Masak Asam for me (best!) and sambal udang, great breakfast too *sigh*.

Managed to gain 1 kg over the weekend (yea!). Hard to keep the momentum though coz I rarely like the food @ home (i.e Seksyen 7) Mengada kan since I yang masak/buy. The taste is just different-lah. That is why I usually insist on going home during the weekend because that is the only time I will really eat. For some reason the food just taste better in Klang (stall/restaurant/ home cooking)

Anyway Nurul came back from college to lepak :) We were discussing hostel strategies (i.e how to avoid crazy power hungry seniors) I shared my experience which is pretty much " stick with your own crowd, have fun and do your own thing. If people don't like you for who you are, it's their problem coz you are still FABULOUS :p"

Izzah who just turn eight was talking non-stop about everything(as usual). I love her and all but she could be a tad clingy esp when I'm around (haha) I'm used to it but Lan was a bit overwhelmed with her non-stop talking (imagine that? and he is living with ME! miss chatterbox) he suggested that we bawak balik cellophane tape the next time we go for a visit *sigh*

Hahah I managed to "pau" my dad for a new pair of shoe. Me love it :p Itz a pair of denim Mary Jane's flat from Vincci. Murah je but it's totally cute, my mum was pissed (haha) hubby was embarrassed (coz I was a bit mengada) daddy malas nak layan (who cares coz I got a new shoe) hahaha

All in all it's a good weekend. Nothing more to update for the moment :)

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